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Favorite Interior Designers Series- Victoria Hagan

Hello, Friends!  I am back today with another interior designer favorite!  In the past I have showcased the work of the talented, James Radin and Martha O’ Hara.

Today I will share some of my favorite spaces created by interior designer, Victoria  Hagan.

Victoria Hagan started her design company, Victoria Hagan Interiors, over 20 years ago.  In 2004 she was inducted into the Interior Design Hall of Fame (which I didn’t even know existed)!  Her work is exquisite!  I will stop talking and let you see for yourself…


victoria hagan kitchen table

Interior design- Victoria Hagan

My Favorite Designers Victoria Hagan

victoria hagan outdoor photo

Beautiful Blue Room

victoria hagan living room

Victoria Hagan Bathroom

interior designer victoria hagan

victoria hagan photos

Victoria Hagan foyer

victoria hagan interior photos

victoria Hagan family room

Images via Victoria Hagan Interiors

This last photo above is one of my favorites. So why is Victoria Hagan one of my favorite designers?

She knows how to set a mood or tone for a space.  And it helps that the tone she usually creates is one of my favorites which I have coined, Casual Elegance.

I love the height and fullness of the drapes she chooses for the spaces!

I love how each space contains an element (a piece of furniture, artwork, etc.) that is unique and interesting (did you notice in the photo of the bathroom how cool the sink legs are?).

I love how the furnishings she uses look like comfortable, high-quality pieces.

I also noticed in most of these spaces that a stripe pattern or box pattern is employed in the rugs or pillows.  I deem both of these patterns as classic and gravitate towards them.

Do you like Victoria Hagan’s work?  If so, what do you like about it?

I love doing these interior designer spotlights because it forces me to really study their spaces and learn what makes the space work (or what doesn’t).  It is a great way to learn and train one’s eye for design.

I’ve been busy this week reupholstering my green thrift store chairs.

New Chairs from Thrift Store_edited-1

I am happy to say I am about 87% done with them!:-)  I should have some DIY to share next time.  I hope you have a great week!!



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