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Favorite Interior Designers Series- James Radin

Hi Guys! I hope you have had a great week! I’ve been busy this week working on the kids/guest bathroom. New floors are 85% done, window treatment 75%, and painting cabinetry 0% but I will be getting started on that tomorrow. I’m excited about the progress and am hopeful next time I will have something to show for it!:-)

Today I am excited to start a new series showcasing some of my favorite interior designer’s work!  I find studying their work to be so inspiring and helpful as I strive to achieve similar looks in my own home. Although I’m sure they have much larger budgets to work with I truly believe that if I am able to take careful note as to what makes their spaces click that I (and you too!) can create similarly beautiful homes.

So lets begin! First up in this series is Designer, James Radin.  James Radin has had over 30 years of professional experience.  In his earlier years he worked primarily in the commercial sector of design.  After changing gears and working under some talented residential designers he opened his own firm in L.A. focusing on residential spaces. He has also had the privilege of creating some amazing sets for movies like Something’s Gotta Give, The Holiday and It’s Complicated (some of which you we see below).


Here are some of my favorite spaces he has done.  Take time to enjoy each one and I will have more to say afterwards!:-)


James Radin 4 Seasons Room



James Radin Entry way


via Houzz


James Radin Interiors
Love the plantation shutters!;-)

Favorite Interior Designers

Fave Designers

Interior Designer James Radin
I love how the pillows aren’t turned the same way. Not going for perfection!

Interior design

James Radin

Favorite James Radin Kitchen

Favorite interior designer James Radin

James Radin nonquitt_8

So why do I love James Radin’s work??  Because he knows how to create a cozy, welcoming space.  Because he seems to love stripes as much as I do.  Because he isn’t afraid to mix different kinds of woods in furniture or florals and paisleys with stripes.  Because he utilizes the beauty and architectural interest of wall paneling, wainscoting, and beadboard.  Because he can appreciate a white backdrop.   Because he includes texture in the form of woven baskets and shades into his spaces.  Because he seems to realize that a beautiful home isn’t about perfection or about all brand new furniture and décor items but quite the contrary.  A beautiful home is a home with many of the aforementioned qualities and with just a touch of quirkiness so that we feel comfortable enough to put our guard down and  truly be at home.

In an interview with James Radin,  he gives some tips for decorating on a budget.  You can view the interview, Here.

What do you appreciate (or maybe not appreciate) about James Radin’s work??   Thanks for sharing your time with me here today!  Til next time!

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