First, I want to thank Beckie from Knockoff Décor for featuring my Pottery Barn Kids Whale Art Knockoff and my Wisteria Spring Art Knockoff on her website.  If you haven’t had a chance to visit her site,  it is a great source for finding inexpensive ways to DIY brand-name style.  Check it out!

Which leads me into my title of “why I love blogs”.  I haven’t always loved blogs.  The first time I ever remember hearing the word blog was in August of 2004. My husband mentioned that a co-worker had recently broken up with his girlfriend and was reading his ex-girlfriend’s blog to see how she was handling the break-up. “A What?” I said. “Well, a blog, it’s kind of like an online diary,” my sweet husband tried to explain. “Why in the world would anyone want to ever have a blog!” I retorted. I was bothered by the idea of it, people baring their souls to the whole world, anyone being able to read it, even strangers, or worse like in her situation, ex-boyfriends! It blew my mind.

Fast forward 5 years. By this point I was much less horrified with the idea of blogs. Many of my friends had started their own blogs where they shared snippets of their family life and happenings. I enjoyed reading my friend’s blogs from time to time, especially friends that had moved away. It was a nice way of being able to stay in touch. But would I ever have a blog? NO WAY!

It was about this time that I was introduced to my first DIY/Design blog. I had joined Facebook a few months prior and as I perused my tiny, just starting out newsfeed a photo of a friend’s jumped out at me.  It was this picture below.  My friend had posted a link to Centsational Girl saying how she loved this idea.


new rug

via Centsational Girl

What a clever idea to stack pumpkins in a planter, I thought.  I wonder if this Kate from Centsational Girl has other clever ideas.  Sure enough she did, and she had a blog roll full of other creative people with great ideas too!  I must say, I have never been the same since!:-)  Thanks, Kate! 🙂  So why do I love blogs?

Well, it was Chris From Just a Girl who first taught me how to paint furniture.  Her heaven sent step-by-step tutorial provided me the information and confidence I needed to transform all my outdated oak furniture and cabinetry (in our condo) to a much more pleasing color.  What a huge difference it made to the space and to my level of contentment living there!  Thank you, Chris!

Paint with a smooth finish

via Just a Girl

And then from Andrea at Oak Ridge Revival I learned that you could paint upholstery.  Who would of thought???  It saved my bum because I had bought an ottoman off of Craigslist for $40.  It was a gold-ish color that clashed with what was already going on in our family room.  I had found exactly the fabric I want to use for the top half of the ottoman but what was I going to do with the bottom half? Andrea’s post gave me the idea to paint it.  Thanks, Andrea!

Ottoman painted

The list of blogs that have been a source of inspiration and instruction in helping me create a home I love are innumerable!  I love learning from others and I love sharing with others which brings me to where I am now.  I am writing a blog!  HA!  It’s a bit laughable considering 10 years ago the idea provoked feelings of shock and horror!:-)

But my hope is to be able to give back in someway to the DIY/Design online community.  It’s fun and I love it!  And yes, I want to blog (bare my soul to the world) about it!:-)  What do you love most about reading (or writing) blogs???

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