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Love your Kitchen Series-Botanicals

We’ve covered some of the weightier aspects of a kitchen update lets take a break today and talk about something less intense, like accessorizing.  This change might take less work but is just as important to creating a beautiful, custom kitchen.

Lets discuss Botanicals.  Years ago I use to be appalled by the idea of having indoor plants, fake or real.


For some reason the thought conjured up images of a jungle engulfed home with only one color in view, forest green.    The word botanicals also made me think of a certain house I had seen while house hunting which contained an unfortunate number spider plants.  My husband and I vowed after viewing this house that we would never have a “greenhouse” for a house.

Well, my paradigm and appreciation of plants and botanicals has done a 360 over the years.  I no longer think of jungles and spider plant collections.


 Instead I think of:



Whimsical lollipop topiaries




Lush bouquets of flowers and the equally gorgeous vases that hold them


Pretty tulips drooped to perfection





Delightful, frollicking sunflowers


I’ve learned my house doesn’t feel like a home until I bring a bit of the outside in (even if it is just a fake replica).

Most of the plants and flowers in my home are not real.  There are 2 reasons for this.  First, with 4 young children and a cat (5 dependents) the thought of taking care of another living organism does not appeal to me at all.  The second reason is merely practicality.    Real flowers are expensive and as with all living things, will eventually die and usually sooner than later.  I like the idea of paying once for something and getting enjoy it for many years rather than just 2 weeks.

Don’t get me wrong I relish in the fragrance of fresh flowers but I wait until Spring and Summer when I can get them free from my lilac and hydrangea bushes.


kitchen flowers

So where to get reasonably priced faux botanicals?  As mentioned previously, IKEA has a great selection of real and fake plants for great prices.  I purchased the flowers and vase above at a stager’s sale.  The other botanicals from throughout my home have been scored on Craigslist, garage sales, Homegoods clearance isles. and at my local goodwill.  None of them (not even the fake tree) cost more than $10 (go to my Home Tour and see if you can spot them all, it will be like playing Where’s Waldo again).  And when you are shopping at thrift stores be sure not to overlook the ugly ivy faux plant contained in a hideous brass plant holder because with a styrofoam ball, a glue gun, a dowel rod or stick, and a bit of paint you could have a upscale botanical topiary that might just be the missing key to take liking your kitchen to loving your kitchen.


These topiaries use to be the ugly ivy faux plant contained in a hideous brass plant holder



If after all of this you still no lika indoor botanicals, then add a touch of nature with a lovely monochromatic bowl of fruits or vegetables.



Fruits and veggies come from plant life so it counts in my book!;-)  Is anybody else a recovering indoor plantaphobic?:-)

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