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Easy Spring Wreath and 11 Curb Appeal Boosters

Hello, I hope you’ve had a great week!!  With the weather warming up a bit I am getting excited to get outside within the next few weeks and do some sprucing up on the outside of our home!

The home’s exterior takes a beating over the winter months and with how busy life is it is easy to let the outside maintenance slide.  Spring is the perfect time to ‘get it done’ so that you can just sit back and enjoy the Summer months!

I did my first little exterior project this week (a spring wreath) which I will share at the end of this post!

But first, here are 11 budget-friendly maintenance and curb appeal boosters to consider this Spring!


1.  Weed garden beds and trim overgrown, non-flowering bushes and trees.  Mulch if needed.

2.  If needed update exterior lighting.


3.  If your mat is worn out or you don’t  have one yet getting a nice, clean, durable mat will increase your curb appeal.


I’m liking the door mats pictured above!  You can get them HERE.


(affiliate links are included in this post for your convenience)

4.  Paint your door an updated color or just give it a new clean coat of what you already have.

5.  Power wash your siding and trim.  The exterior of houses get dirty over time and periodically need to be power washed (I know we need to do it this year)!  If you don’t have a power washer or have someone to borrow one from I am pretty sure you can rent one from Lowe’s for the day.  Or you can invest in one which would be a lot less expensive than paying a company to do it.

6.  Update your house numbers.


7.  Add flowers to your doorstep or a hanging basket.  If you are in need of a flower planter, check out my DIY planter tutorial, HERE.
Curb appeal boosters


8 .  Clean exterior windows.


9.  Get new hardware for the front door.  Soon after moving into our house I changed out the original brass hardware to  this hardware and have been very happy with it.


10.  Grow grass in balding spots.  I wrote a whole post about growing grass HERE.  Spring is the perfect time to seed for new grass because the temperatures aren’t too hot yet and all of the rain!  Watering twice a day truly is the key to growing grass so all the rain in the Spring means you won’t have to go out and water so much!

How to Grow Grass Tutorial


11.  Add a seasonal wreath.  Store bought wreaths can be expensive!  I threw a Spring/Easter wreath together this week for about $16.  Here is a quick tutorial if you would like to do the same.

DIY Spring Wreath copy



I got all of the supplies this week at Michael’s Craft Store.  They had some great sales (I think the last day of these particular sales is Saturday 3/19)!!!



The flowers and 14″ monogram letters were 60% off and I used a 50% off coupon for the ribbon.  Here is a photo of the supplies and prices after sale discounts.  You will also need floral wire and wire cutters (I already had these).

Supplies for Spring Wreath


1.  Paint your monogram letter.  I painted mine white with some left over white wall paint (it took 3 coats).

2.  Using the floral wire connect the monogram to the wreath in 2 or 3  places (2 ideal places are by where the flowers and ribbon will be so that it will be hid).   I had one wire showing (see arrow below) but just painted it white when it was done.

DIY Monogram Spring Wreath

3.  Tie the bow.  This was my second time tying a fancy floral bow (the first time was this past Christmas).  THIS is the video tutorial I used to learn how to tie this kind of bow.  After I made one bow I added a few loops with another ribbon to spice things up.  I ended up stapling the ribbon to the wooden monogram.

4.  Cut one large flower head into parts and stick the stems into the rivets of the wreath as seen below.

DIY Spring Flower Wreath

That’s it!!  I went pretty pastel on this wreath but I think a pink and navy combo would be really fresh and fun!

DIY Spring Wreath for Front Door

Think you will whip up a Spring wreath this weekend?

Before I go I wanted to mention that all the canvases are 70% off at Michael’s (I think the last day for the sale is Saturday 3/19).  I bought a huge 36″ x 48″ one for only $12 (unheard of)!!


So if you think you will ever try your hand at making your own artwork now is the time to stock up on canvases.:-)

Lastly, I was over at Kylie M. Interiors this week talking about interior design trends for 2016.  You can come and check it out, Here!

I hope you have a great weekend!!:-)


Easy Wreath Tutorial

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