I thought about titling this post Powder Bathroom Makeover Reveal Take 2 but it seemed more appropriate after writing it to use the title “when mirrors fall down.”

Several months ago I shared my powder bathroom makeover which I explained had unraveled painfully slow. I was beyond thrilled when I had finally completed it and was no longer embarrassed when guests occupied this half bath on our main floor.



pedstal sink Ballard Designs knockoff Paintings


Well, sadly that only lasted about 3 weeks. During the night the huge wall to wall mirror I had installed 3 weeks prior came crashing down.

It took with it the glass sconces, the toilet paper roll, and left a little dent in a part of the wall.

fake light


I cleaned up the huge mess of glass mirror almost mechanically trying not to think about what had happened.  I had been done with the room!  I was not at all interested in dealing with the fact that there would need to be a new mirror bought, decor, and other items fixed and mended. I shut the door and carried on with my life like nothing had happened.

I didn’t want to deal with. I didn’t want to process it. It was enough work to do it once and I didn’t want to have to put any more effort into it.

The next couple of weeks when I would use this bathroom I would put my blinders on when I went in. I refused to look around or acknowledge what had happened.

Over time I began to let myself think about just a small part of it. It was annoying not to have a mirror in there so I started shopping for one.

Little by little I have patched the dents on the wall, reinstalled the toilet paper dispenser, bought new glass covers for the sconce, and found a new mirror.

Additionally new floors were installed incongruence with our flooring renovation. After the dark gray tiles were replaced with hard wood floors I felt the room was way too warm toned.  To balance the colors of the space I decided to paint the room a cool green color (you can click here to learn more about balancing colors).  I originally started with Behr Riverdale but felt it was too bright so I added some Behr Dolphin Fin that I had left over from the Boy’s Room Makeover.


Custom Paint Formula


I think I would have been able to find a large frameless mirror on Craigslist for a reasonable price to replace the one that fell but frankly although I loved how it looked I was nervous about it happening again.  The second reason can be assumed from this conversation I had with a reader in the comment section of my last powder bathroom reveal.   It cracked me up!



Could I ask the reasoning behind extending the mirror? The After photo shows a mirror above the toilet. We have this in our new apartment. The guys think it… well… weird since they go to the bathroom standing up and see… well… you know.



Haha, loved your question! :-). Originally, I chose to do a large wall length mirror because I love how it looked in some inspiration photos I found on Houzz.com. I felt like it would make the half bath appear more spacious too. And I do think it did! However, once in use I did realize (don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it before) I was seeing way more of myself in the bathroom than I was use to…it was a bit awkward I must admit!:-). Anyways, sadly the big mirror came crashing down in the middle of the night and is no longer. There will be a powder bathroom reveal take 2 at some point in the future. Will it contain a extra large mirror? Probably not. Thanks for your question!:-)


Well, that sums up as to why I didn’t choose a similar mirror as before.:-)  Instead I chose a pretty white framed mirror I found at Homegoods for $30.

Powder Bathroom Mirror


So here it is, my friends!  The powder bathroom, Take 2!


Powder Bathroom Makeover Reveal
Wish I had remembered to put the soap away for the picture!


I still have the DIY Ballard Designs Inspired Paintings up only I hung them horizontally this time and didn’t use the grasscloth wallpaper backing.

DIY Paintings for Bathroom


Another difference is the glass covers on the sconce.  I purchased the original ones a local thrift store.  I went back to the same thrift store hoping to luck out and find more but to no avail.  I ended up buying these at Lowes for around $3 a piece.  I definitely liked the shape and size of the other ones better but these do the job for now.


Ballard Designs Painting in Powder Bathroom


I also took out the little table I had tucked in a corner of the bathroom in the previous reveal.  I felt it made the space over crowded.

New Table


Now it sits pretty in a awkward corner of my kitchen (hopefully making it not as awkward)!

Corner Table

So the moral of this post is when mirrors fall, clean up the glass, and let yourself take time to process the implications.  When you are ready, slowly start to rebuild your space into something that works for you given the new circumstances.  Do I like aspects of the previous bathroom makeover better?  Yep, but I learned long ago not to look back and dwell on the past.  Move forward with faith one day at a time.

Obviously, a mirror falling (as long as it doesn’t hit anybody) isn’t a big deal in the big scheme of life.  However, for me it did symbolize the unexpected surprises, the disappointments, or unwanted change of plans that are part of this life.  And reminded me that with time and patience new mirrors can be put up.:-)

Have a fabulous weekend, Friends!



Powder Bathroom Makeover Reveal2

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