Hi There!  You may have noticed I’ve been making some changes on the website.  I’m in the middle of a web design redo with the hopes of creating a more user-friendly and quicker to load blog.  I am trying to make the changes on my own and since I am not savvy in the computer arena it’s requiring some time and attention.  I SO appreciate your patience in the process!:-)

Today I’m popping in with a quick and easy DIY that will give your home added character and interest.  One of my favorite DIY Projects I’ve done so far is installing board and batten horizontally on one wall in my living room.

living room1


It’s one of my favorite projects because it was SO easy, pretty inexpensive, and has a subtle but huge impact on the feel of the room!

Horizontal Board and Batten

I bought the MDF wood for this project at Lowe’s.  It was on an end cap across from the wood trim aisle.  I always go to this end cap first because it seems to have the lowest price on MDF pre-primed basic wood trim.  I bought these 12 ft. long and 3 inch wide pieces for around $9.

It really helps to have a second set of hands for this project!

All you have to do is decide where you want to hang the wood trim.  I started from the top of the wall and my husband kindly moved the wood trim around until I liked the position.  Then I had him hold it there while I put up the leveler to make sure the trim was level (the photo below shows me using the leveler for installing a chair rail, different project but same method).;-)
nail in chair rail
Then using a nail gun and at least 1 -1/2 inch nails secure a nail into the wood trim about every 12-18 inches (you can also do this by drilling a pilot hole and then nailing it in with a hammer).  Afterwards apply caulk to the top and bottom of the wood trim where the trim meets the wall and smooth the caulk out with your finger.

Do this with each trim piece.  I ended up doing only 3 trim pieces.  The first one was 14 inches down from the ceiling, then the second was 24 inches from there, and the third 25 inches from the second.

 Accent wall in Living room


Ta-da, you are done!!  Now you can understand why this is a favorite project, so easy and only cost me a total of $30!

And can you believe this is the same wall (photo taken before we moved in)??

Living Room2


I’ll be back at the end of a week with a new Design 101 topic to discuss!  Looking forward to it!:-)



DIY Horizontal Board and Batten


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