This week I fell in love with this beauty!

DIY Sparkling Pinecone Ornament

Isn’t she captivating??  I didn’t know I had a thing for sparkling pinecones but apparently I do.:-)   As often is the case I got the inspiration to make my gleaming pinecone ornaments from a recent Ballard Designs catalog.


via Ballard Designs


I think they are beautiful and charming and they weren’t horribly priced at $19 for a set of 6 but I wanted to save some money and try doing them myself.

My goal was to make some for myself and some as teacher’s gifts.  I don’t know about you but what to give teachers for Christmas and end of the year presents has always been a pain in the buttewey for me!

I just wish that with all the paper work we parents receive at the beginning of the school year that there was a handout with the below survey filled out from each teacher.

Teacher Survey


It would take a lot of the guess work out of it and then they might actually get something they want!    Oh well, hopefully they will like their sparkling pinecone ornaments (and if you want to make and gift them too I have a free gift tag printable you can download at the end)!!


DIY Pinecone Ornament

Glittery Pine Cone Ornament


Here’s How to Do It:

1.  Buy or collect (if you are lucky to live where they are found abundantly in nature) a bag full.  I bought mine at Michael’s they were half off for $2.50.  I opted for the cinnamon scented ones!

Bag of Pine cones


2.  Line them up on a piece of cardboard or newspaper and spray them with spray  paint.  I used Valspar’s Satin Nickel Metallic spray paint.


Spray Paint Pine Cones


I also had some gold metallic spray paint on hand and did a few in gold.  It’s pretty too but I love the silver ones the best.

DIY Gold Glitter Pine Cone Ornament


3.  Let them dry for at least an hour.  Then one by one and with a paper plate or newspaper under it spray it down with spray adhesive.

Spray Adhesive for Pine Cone Ornament


4.  Then sprinkle glitter all over the pinecone (don’t forget to turn the pinecone upside down and sprinkle from that side too because when high on the tree that is the side that shows the most).

Glitter for Pine Cone Ornaments


5.    Let glittered pinecones sit for 15 minutes or so to dry.  Next with silver thread (or whatever color you want to do) wrap the thread around the top of the pinecone a couple of time and then make a loop for the ornament to hang and tie a knot at the top of the loop.

6.  If you want to use these as gifts you are welcome to print out the free printable gift tag that I made for mine!  If you want to change the size of the gift tag you can use the custom scales option and put in a larger or smaller percentage.  It looks extra nice if it is printed out on thicker paper like cardstock.


Pinecone Ornament Gift Tag


I plan on placing the gift tag right under the pinecone (like below) and having my sons sign the tag.

DIY Sparkling Pinecone Ornament


 I’ve already started decorating the tree and since we don’t have a real one the cinnamon scent of the pinecones adds a Christmas-y aroma to the air.  And I’m in love with the sparkles!:-)  When do you like to start putting up your Christmas decorations??  What are you gifting to people like teachers and co-workers this year??


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