It used to be that a family room was made up of a sofa, a loveseat, and a BIG comfy chair.  I’ve noticed that there are a lot more recliners and oversized chairs on Craigslist these days and an abundance of smaller, matching, streamlined accent chairs in the magazines.  A strange coincidence or a sign of the times?


I definitely love its clean look!



When planning my family room I knew I wanted to create a similar look, however, as I searched around I was faced with a BIG problem!  In many cases just one nice looking chair cost over $500.  That meant 2 matching chairs would cost at least $1000! (impressive math skills, I know):-)


After a lot of research though I discovered you can get this look for less!  A lot less.  Here are a collection of attractive, stylish accent chairs for under $235 a piece!  (Disclaimer:  It is the nature of prices to fluctuate. Prices listed are current of 2/13/14.  Additionally, I can only attest to the aesthetic qualities of the chairs listed, be sure to check their dimensions and reviews before purchasing! (boy, do I sound like a mom or what, make sure you do your homework, nag nag nag):-)


Christopher Knight Home Malone Beige Club Chair
Christopher Knight Home Malone Chair (Beige)- $232.19


Christopher Knight Home Malone Charcoal Grey Club Chair


Temani Chair - Brown
      Temani Chair (just needs a comfy cushion)- $229.99


Williamsburg Trellis Print Chair
Willamsburg Trellis Print Chair– $229.99


Suzani Lorna Chair


Veronica KD Tufted Linen Club Chair in Grey
Veronica KD Tufted Linen Club Chair (Grey) $210.09


Cassidy French Yellow Armless Chair


Mattie Tufted Slipper Blue/Cream Stripe Chair
Mattie Tufted Sipper Chair (Blue/Cream Stripe)- $199.99


Living Room Furniture - Nouveau Accent Chair

                                             Nouveau Chair $199.99

Philly Framed Chair Grey
Philly Framed Chair (Gray)-$199.99


                Hudson Swoop Chair - Indigo Ikat
             Hudson Swoop Chair (Indigo Ikat)- $199


Hudson Swoop Chair - Velvet Smoke
        Hudson Swoop Chair (Velvet Smoke)- $199


Jennifer Wooden Modern Lounge Chair
                 Jennifer Wooden Modern Chair– $192.59


Marquis Tan Microfiber Club Chair
         Marquis Tan Microfiber Club Chair- $191.19


Club Chair
 Wildon Home Club Chair- $194.50


Hayden Armless Chair - Velvet with Nailheads
Hayden Chair (Midnight Blue)- $189.99


Living Room Furniture - Kenzie Accent Chair

            Kenzie Chair $179.99 (This is the one I ended up getting 2 of for our family room but on sale for $99!  Been overall happy with them, their feet don’t screw all the way in so sometimes the feet have to be adjusted)


Retro-classic White Accent Chairs (Set of 2)


Threshold™ Swoop Upholstered Collection
     Entire Threshold Swoop Collection– $169 each


Tux Solid Accent Chair
Tux Solid Accent Chair- $160


Martene Chair
Hokku Designs Martene Chair– $155.46


Christopher Knight Home Leeds Classic Brown Bonded Leather Club Chair
Christopher Knight Home Leeds Chair (Brown Leather)- $153.89


Sophia Chamois Chair
 Home Loft Concept Sophia Chair (Dark Gray) -$152.74


Accent Seating Chair
 Coaster Home Accent Chair- $149.78


Hayden Armless Chair - Ikat Seaglass
Hayden Armless Chair (Ikat Seaglass)- $94.98 (Clearance)



I think my favorite chair is lovely lady #1 (hmmm, or is she a Mr., nope definitely a lady with broad shoulders) 🙂  Which one is your fave???

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