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3 Elements of a Stylish Kids Bathroom

Hello Friends! Right now I am gearing up to makeover my kids’ bathroom and have had a fun time searching for inspirational spaces.  I am looking to create a kids bathroom that is both stylish and fun.  Here are 9 Inspiring Kids’ Bathrooms that I found that fit that description!


inspiring kids bathrooms

via Pottery Barn Kids


kids bathroom board and batten

via 2 Little Superheroes


cute and stylish kids bathrooms

via Pinterest



Girls bathroom
vis BHG


turquoise kids bathroom
 via Pinterest


yhl green cabinetry in Kids bathroom


stylish kids bathrooms
All Design via Houzz


royal blue kids bathroom


In analyzing these photos I have pinpointed 3 elements that all of these spaces have in common and which I will make sure to employ in my kids bathroom makeover!


1.  First, is the use of a bold color.  If you scan through the pictures again you will observe that all of these bathrooms had 1 and sometimes 2 bold colors.  The pops of colors in these pictures included  deep blue, green, turquoise, aqua, yellow, and pink.  I am thinking about using green in my bathroom makeover with an accent of blue.


In the examples above the designers stuck to one or two main colors to decorate with.  Keeping a simple color palette keeps a kids bathroom stylish!


2.  Second, all the photos above had either tile or board and batten or some kind of white wall treatment giving the space a fresh, clean feel.  The two photos that did not have tile or woodwork were painted in an off-white color displaying a simple, clean look.  Having a mostly white background really allows the bold use of color to pop even more and assists in creating a stylish space.


I have already installed white board and batten in their bathroom I just need to touch it up with some caulk.  Adding board and batten has already done so much to update and freshen the space.


3. Third, the use of a primary pattern was demonstrated in each of the photos.  Whether it’s stripes, checkers, swirls,  or polka dots a fun pattern gives way to a fun, kid friendly space!  Again to keep it stylish it’s important to stick with one or in some cases two patterns in the room.


I haven’t decided quite yet which pattern I will use in the kids bathroom but I am leaning towards stripes because I just can’t seem to get enough of them!:-)  Juries still out on this one though.


Sometimes all it takes is one of these 3 criteria to be missing for a kids bathroom to feel off.  The bathroom below is beautifully done and very stylish but can you tell which item above is missing?

Right, a bright color. For it to feel more like a kids bathroom all that would need to be done is to switch out the white flower on the vanity counter to more of the bright yellow flowers or to add a brightly color yellow or green towel instead of the white one. A simple fix.


The photo below is missing what?

elements of a stylish kids bathroom

That’s right a fun pattern. An easy fix is to switch out the white hand towel with an orange and white or green and white or even blue and white patterned hand towel.


I hope you enjoyed this 3 step formula for creating a stylish kids bathroom!  I will definitely being using it as I work on making over the kids’ bathroom.


Here is what I am working with (the before):
Kids Bath


 It’s pretty much a blank canvas.  So excited to make the vision I have for it come to life! 🙂


3 Elements of a stylish kids bathroom
Update**** Come Check out the After of the Kids/Guest Bathroom Makeover

Kids Bathroom Reno


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