Happy New Year!!  I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!  My siblings and their families were all able to come in town for Christmas which made it all the more special!!  Lots of cousin sleepovers and family fun!

And now that everyone has gone and and the New Year is upon us I find myself looking back at my 2016 home goals to see what I was able to accomplish and what goals I want to make for 2017!


My Home Goals for 2016 Were:


-Add woodwork

-Paint two story foyer (it was beige with an orange undertone)

I’m happy to say I was able to accomplish this goal (it had been on 2015’s list too)!

Hallway and Foyer Makeover


DIY Loose Grid Wall Treatment


Hallway to Foyer Renovation


HERE is the post that explains the process that got me to this point and for fun here is the “before” of how the space began.






Laundry Room 

-Paint walls

-New Light Fixture



At the beginning of 2016 I knew the laundry room was undeniably our most neglected room and was in dire need of TLC.  However, it took some time to pinpoint how to make the room both functional and beautiful and on a budget!

Laundry Room Before



But I’m really pleased with the results which I was blessed to be able to share on Home Depot’s blog this year, Here!







Unfinished Part of Basement

-Go through storage items

-Take unnecessary items to Goodwill or sell on Craigslist

-Re-organize items I’m keeping

I wish I could say I completed this goal in entirety but I still have about 1/3 of the unfinished basement to organize.

The great thing about setting goals though is that if you review them towards the end of the year and you haven’t done anything yet it can sure light a fire under your bum to get going on it!

That’s what happened with me on this one.  I had done some organizing at the very beginning of the year and then I got busy with other projects and the unfinished basement got even more dishelved.

So Thursday I spent between 6 and 8 hours going through the unfinished basement  purging and organizing!  It felt wonderful and I’m happy to say I got 2/3 of the way done and am looking forward to getting the rest done this coming week!



-Build new steps to the porch

I fixed the problem with the steps to the porch but I may want to do more with it in the future.




HA!  This was a major fail!

With kid bikes, scooters, etc. everywhere, a growing scrap wood collection, and some miscellaneous items stored in our garage it is far from being organized.

You will see this one on my 2017 Home Goals List again!:-)



Dining Room-

-Paint (a neutral color)

I knew a year ago the dining room was in need of a refresh but I didn’t know at the time that I would completely swap the dining room to the living room and the living room to the dining room this year!

The dining room at the beginning of the year looked like this (but with hardwood flooring).

Dining Room Summer Decor


Now it is our living room and I love how the switch has made the entry way feel bigger.

Living Room Budget Makeover


Living Room Couch

You can read all about the living room makeover Here.


The living room then became the dining room.  I haven’t gotten around to writing a post on the dining room makeover but I will in the near future!



Living Room Photo


That was it for the goals I made but here are some of my favorite additional projects I was able to complete this year!


Staining My Steps

Stair Makeover Staining the Stairs


Some Kitchen Updates (countertops, hardware, faucet, and sink)

Marble Countertops New Hardware

Marble Countertops Sink

Helping a Friend Create a Farmhouse Table

Farmhouse Table DIY

My DIY Nailhead Trimmed Headboard


My 3 Year Old’s Bedroom Makeover


I updated my living room with blue lamps, pillows, and new drapes all at a good price from Homegoods.


And some spaces I helped design this year for others!

Master Bedroom Makeover for Lolly


Laundry Makeover for Lolly


Bedroom Makeover for Zoe


So what are your home goals for 2017?  I don’t have as many this year as in previous years.  I know I will have some smaller projects and updating to do but nothing huge (other than the organizing the garage).:-)

I’ve thought about doing a hood over the stove.


 Erin Hoopes via Houzz

I’ve thought about going white on my house exterior


via Luxe

I’ve thought about incorporating brick some how on the exterior.


Highland Homes Inc. via Houzz

I’ve thought about getting a rug and new bench for my master bedroom


via Studio-Mcgee

I’ve thought about a lot of things!  What I know for sure is that I have a lot of little things I need to do like re-caulking in the bathrooms, re-organizing in cabinets and closets, purging unwanted toys etc.

Do you have any bigger home goals that you need help with?  Maybe a room you despise or just can’t seem to get a vision for?

Among the many things I’ve thought about lately I’ve thought about offering online design services at some point this year. I love helping others and creating beautiful spaces!

I know what it feels like to get stuck on a  space not knowing how to move forward.  Sometimes you need a fresh set of eyes to help you figure out the direction to go.

If you think you could benefit from a one hour design consultation sometime this year please let me know in the comments or email me at providenthomedesign@gmail.com.  Also any feedback on what you think a fair price for a one hour design consult would be is welcome!

Thank you so much for following my journey this year!:-)  I’m looking forward to what 2017 brings!!

Happy New Year!


Home Goals For the New Year

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