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Progress on the Floors & Inspiring Design

Hi There! It’s been a wild past 7 days and I’m excited to say I think we only have 2 more days left in the installation of our new floors.

I want to share a little bit about what the week entailed.  And since the demo process is never pretty I’ll share some pretty inspirational photos at the end to make your eyes feel better.:-)

The week has gone like this:

Last Monday night- we pulled up the carpet and padding in the Dining Room and the baseboards. Moved all the furniture to the garage.

Dining Room Demo

Last Tuesday night- we pulled up the carpet and padding in the Living Room and the baseboards. Moved all the furniture to the garage.

demo progress

Wednesday night- our hired helper came and showed up how to demo tile. We got up all the tile in the foyer space. Moved all the Kitchen items to the Family Room.

Family Room during Demo

Thursday- our hired helper started laying our engineered hardwood flooring in the Living Room while we continued tile demo down the hall and in the kitchen.

Friday- our hired helper started laying our new flooring in the Dining room while we finished tile demo in the Kitchen. Moved the Toilet and Sink into the Kitchen.

Toilet Cooker, anyone?

Toilet in Kitchen

Saturday- our hired helper began laying down flooring in both parallel hallways while I finished tile demo in the powder bathroom

Sunday- a much needed day of rest

Monday (today)- our hired helper finished laying the new floor in the hallways and the powder bathroom. And hurray our sink and toilet are back into their proper place!

Bathroom Floors

Last on the agenda is our hired helper laying the new flooring in the Kitchen. I’m assuming it will take a day or two.

Needless to say we are excited to get our furniture back in place and get our home back to functional space!

Later this week I’m hoping to write a post sharing all the deets on our new flooring. You know me I am cheap thrifty and you better believe I luckily found a way to make this dream of hardwood floors happen on a budget. Looking forward to sharing!

In the mean time here is some yummy eye candy to make your eyes feel better (seeing the toilet in the kitchen where the stove is normally probably didn’t leave you with a great feeling)!:-)

Ever since I spotted this drool-worthy (if drool was ever worthy) dining room on Pinterest I’ve been studying it to see what elements I can pull into my home.

via Décor 8
I love it’s fresh clean look!

Lastly, The 2014 Palmetto Bluff Idea House is gorgeously decorated by interior designer Suzanne Kasler.  You can view all photos and an interview with Suzanne Here.

Loving this kitchen color scheme from the home a ton!


via How to Decorate

Can’t wait to share more photos and details on our floors!  Fingers crossed the rest of the installation goes well!  Have a great one!

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