House Exterior Paint Refresh

Well, if the past month is indicative of how the rest of the Summer will go posting-wise then it may be sporadic until the end of August (when the kids go back to school)!  Thank you for bearing with me til then!!

l’ve had exterior paint and color schemes on my mind as of late because I am trying to decide if I should change my home’s exterior paint color.

Our home is 15 years old and it’s exterior paint has never been refreshed.  It is pretty dirty/dingy looking up close so a paint job is inevitable.

I don’t mind it’s current color which I would describe as a light/medium greige.


Our House Exterior June 2017

But if I’m going to paint the house I’m tempted to go white (because I love big, white houses and I cannot lie).

This one’s a favorite right now.

Favorite White House

via Pinterest


A photoshopped depiction of our home lighter.

Our Exterior in White

However I don’t think this is our forever home and my hunch is that more people would want to buy a light tan house than a white house…what is your opinion (please let me know your opinion in the comments)??

Curb appeal can be a deal breaker when selling a home!  If you’ve been following the blog for awhile you know I’ve been helping my friend, Lolly, makeover her home one room at a time.

Well, last Fall her husband lost his job.  Soon after her husband got a job offer in another state and they needed to sell their home as quickly as possible so their family could relocate (thankfully we had already made over their Laundry Room, Master Bedroom, Powder Bath, and Daughter’s Room).

But their home’s exterior was in need of some TLC before they could list it.  The main culprit was mismatched upper and lower shutter colors and just an overall meh (forgettable) appearance.

Lolly’s Exterior Before

Lolly's Exterior Before

I suggested going a deep, glossy chocolate brown on the shutters and front door and bright white (instead of tan) on the garage door.

In-Process Photos

Her husband bravely took the climb to paint the upper shutters.

Process Exterior Painting Pics

Lolly’s Exterior After

Lolly's Exterior After

It turned out so pretty and I’m happy to say it went into contract just 2 weeks after being put on the market (happy for them but sad to see a friend go).

If you are looking to paint your house but are not a big fan of white or tan exteriors consider a dark blue-ish gray color. A house in our neighborhood recently when from this tan color.


PC Home Before

To blue!


PC Home After

I think their color palette choice was inspired by this other blue/gray exterior in our neighborhood

Blue Inspiration House

So what are your thoughts?  Should I go white or stay tan?  Are you crushing on any particular exterior color palettes right now?  Would love to hear your thoughts!

And for my fellow American readers I hope you have a happy and safe 4th of July!!:-)


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