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Love Your Kitchen Series- Adding Fabrics

Bringing fabrics into your kitchen is an excellent, inexpensive avenue to making your kitchen more beautiful and custom.  There are a bountiful of ways to carry fabrics and patterns into your kitchen.  Lets start with the most obvious, window treatments.

Window treatments are often used for privacy and temperature control but they can also be an important catalyst in exuding personality and warmth into an otherwise dull space.  To prove this point, test your imagination and picture these kitchens without their window treatments (yikes, this sounds kind of creepy, like I’m asking you to imagine somebody without their clothes on).





The Peak of Tres Chic: Copper in the Kitchen?



You can see how these window treatments have added both color and character.  Here is a picture of my kitchen’s window treatments.  At first, I considered playing it safe and going solid on one window and patterned on the other.  In the end, I went with two patterned window treatments and I’m glad I did–it makes the space feel more playful and interesting.




Below are the sources for the window treatments in our kitchen.  They rang in at a total of $80.  Not bad considering the difference they make!


Home Decor Print Fabric-Waverly Stripe Ensemble Robin's Egg, , hi-res

Waverly Stripe Ensemble Robin’s Egg- Joann Fabrics

(bought a yd. at 50% for $17.49)



Wild Hibiscus Grommet Curtain

Wild Hibiscus Grommet Curtain- World Market

(2 panels cost me $63)


Another beneficial method of infusing fabrics into your kitchen is through seating via seat cushions or upholstering.  The tasteful upholstered barstools below, are turning up the heat in these kitchens!





Dwellings via Houzz



There are a lot of tutorials out there on reupholstering but if you don’t have barstools or a way to upholster them, some super cute seat cushions for your chairs will do the trick!



  Check out these lovelies:



Outdoor 2-Piece Wicker Seat Cushion Set - Blue/White Damask


Target $40 for a set





Kavita Chair Cushion


World Market $14.99 each





Kiernan Geo Deluxe Cushion - Maui


Pier1  $45 each





I love the classic black & white striped cushions featured in the picture below.



Zuniga Interiors via Houzz



I was lucky enough to find my barstool cushions a couple of years ago at World Market when they were having a buy 1 get 1 free sale.  Plus I had a coupon for $10 off $30 or more.  The total came to 4 cushions for only $20!






If you are fortunate enough to have a bench seat in your kitchen by all means adorn it with colored or patterned pillows and seat cushions.



Tobi Fairley Interior Design via Houzz




Lexington Design-Build FirmsFeinmann, Inc. via Houzz





And lastly, although kitchen towels aren’t exactly home décor fabric they are a form of fabric and can help tie color and pattern into a kitchen.  We all need them, so they might as well be attractive and help us meet our goal of a more loveable kitchen, right?



Pyramids Tea Towel





Williams-Sonoma Monogram Jacquard Towels, Set of 2, Antique White/Green

William-Sonoma- 2 for$30



Floral Jacquard Dorthea Kitchen Towel

World Market- $7.99



So, to rest my case about how important fabric can be to creating a beautiful, custom kitchen–see these gorgeous kitchens?  They have exquisite cabinetry and other refined details but they’re missing something!  Don’t you think???



Yep, they are starving for fabric!!!  Starving, get it?  It’s a kitchen and it’s starving???  Okay, very (p)unny I know!  Glad I have a computer screen to protect me from all the tomatoes being thrown at me right now:-)  Are you cooking up some plans for putting fabric in your kitchen?  Oh dear, I made another (p)unny!  This is getting bad, I better stop now because it’s likely to get worse at this point:-)   If you are in need of some fabric inspiration I recently started a Pinterest Board on Fabrics I Swoon Over.  Can’t wait to keep adding more fabrics to the board.  Fabric is too fun!

UPDATE:  I recently came across a great article that gave tips on how to mix fabric patterns.  If you are interested the article can be found here.  My favorite tip is #5.

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