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An Old Favorite Paint Color & A New Favorite Paint Brand

Ever since my friend, Wendy, painted her laundry room Dolphin Fin by Behr a few years ago I have been in love with the color.  She paired it with white and yellow decor in her laundry room and it is oh so lovely!  It is a dreamy light gray color that has some subtle blue undertones.


Below are some rooms decked out in Dolphin Fin by Behr

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paint color: behr dolphin grey

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Dolphin Fin by Behr paint. Relaxed, light, comfortable, and casual. by callie

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It wasn’t until recently that I found an opportunity to use it in my own home.  I have officially started the makeover of my son’s shared room.  It was already painted blue when we moved in and I kept the color because it went fine with the decor they already had from our home before.


boys room

But now that we have had much of the decor for several years I am ready for a change (and I think they are too).  Additionally, one of my boys managed to break the wood frame of their bed.  I tried to fix it with gorilla glue but it broke again 3 days later.  Anyways, coming up with a solution to that problem will be part of this bedroom makeover.

To launch this bedroom makeover I painted 3 out of the 4 walls behr dolphin fin.  The wall behind the beds will be painted a medium dark color, mostly likely gray.  I’m excited for the vision in my head to transpire to life.  I picture the room being fun yet classy!  I’ve always loved the boys room below!


One of the first posts that I ever wrote was on my favorite paint brand.  In it I discussed how Pottery Barn had “broken up with” Benjamin Moore for Sherwin Williams.  Also, I shared all about my favorite paint brand (to read this post click HERE).

In the process of painting the boys’ room I discovered a “new love”.  I still like my old favorite paint brand but I love the new one!!  In our old home we lived closest to Lowes and I got very accustom to the store and their products.  Now I live closer to Home Depot and out of sheer convenience have been going there more often.

I finally decided to try a Home Depot paint brand for the boys’ room instead of hauling my 4 kiddos over to Lowes.  I approached the man at the paint counter and frankly asked “so do you guys carry any really good paint”.  He replied “why, yes, our Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint has been ranked #1 by Consumer Reports 5 years in a row” (I haven’t researched to see if this is true).  I was skeptical  but at $32 a gallon I thought it was sure worth a try.

Well, I couldn’t be happier with the results!  I only had to do 1 coat.  Enough said.

No, really I’ve never been able to get away with painting only one coat.  All the other brands I’ve tried I’ve had to do 2 or 3 coats.  It was amazing!  I am not getting paid or compensated in any way for this opinion I’m just wanting to share my experience.  It goes on nicely and did I mention I  only had to do 1 coat!! 🙂  Definitely worth a try!

Do you have a favorite paint color or paint brand?

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