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DIY Topiary Tutorial –Easy & Inexpensive!

DIY Topiaries

Topiaries are a timeless decor piece and are extremely versatile!

DIY Topiary Tutorial
DIY Topiary Tutorial
DIY topiary tutorial


The only problem is they also can be super pricey.  For example these two small topiaries are on sale at Kohl’s right now for $66.39.  That’s $33 per topiary and it is not uncommon to see them go for much much more than that (clarification the extra much was not a typo)!:-)
Kohl's Topiaries


I recently spotted a topiary form on one of those rare occasions when I was without my kids and found myself meandering in the craft aisle at Walmart (oh the life of a mom with young kids).:-)


The topiary form was only $4.96 and the wheels immediately started turning on how I could transform it with just a few bucks.
How to make a Topiary


I ended up buying two and as you can see below each has it’s own place in our Christmas decor right now.
Christmas DIY Topiary


Christmas Mantel with DIY Topiary


I just love them!  If you haven’t read my post on the importance of decorating with botanicals yet, you should can HERE.   And then you will love them too!:-)


Topiary Form
Terra Cotta Pot
Spanish Moss
Glue Gun


DIY Topiary Tutorial: 


DIY-ing these topiaries was pretty much like dressing a mannequin (although I imagine it’s a bit less awkward).:-)  In the Walmart craft aisle I also picked up a couple of terra cotta pots that were the perfect size for the topiaries.  They were under a dollar each.


Then I picked up a bag of white rocks at the dollar store for (yeah, you know) a dollar.  I painted  the pots light blue with some left over wall paint and hot glued the rocks as shown below.
DIY Home Decor Topiary


Then using the hot glue gun again, I glued spanish moss to the ball part of the topiary.  I bought the spanish moss at walmart (it was close to where the topiary form was in the craft aisle).


I bought the biggest bag not knowing how much it would take but I hardly made a dent in it so you can get away with the smaller bag which I think cost around $3.
How to Make a Topiary


That’s it!  It’s that simple!  And the price comes to about $9 each!
The two-tiered topiaries are pretty as well!
Two Tiered Topiary DIY


My Walmart didn’t sell them in the store but I noticed they do have them available online and can ship to store for free.  They are about 14 inches high and cost $6.99 per two-tiered topiary form.

Two-tiered DIY Topiary


I plan to use my topiaries year round but may change up the location they are in and the ribbons they are accented with!


If you have boxwood bushes you could try using boxwood trimmings instead of spanish moss and mist them with water every so often to keep them alive (I would research it out first if you go this route)!


I hope you enjoyed this simple DIY!  As always let me know if you have any questions!


We’re just a couple of days away from Christmas and I want to wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas!!
Christmas Card


I’ll be back after Christmas to share with you my home goals for the New Year.  Be thinking about what your goals are for your home and how I can help you achieve those goals in the New Year because I’ll be asking!!:-)


Merry Christmas!!


DIY Topiary Tutorial

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