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The Look for Less and a Bathroom Update!

Hello!  I hope you have had a great week!  Today I want share an update we did on our kids shared bathroom and a ‘Look for Less’ you won’t want to miss!


All four of our kids use this bathroom so it gets a lot of abuse love!



When we first moved into our house the bathroom looked like this below.  It was clean but lacked personality and interest.


I did several budget-friendly updates, such as new flooring and painting the vanity, a few years ago and it made a huge difference (you can read all about those updates HERE)!


However, after a little while I felt like the bathroom had a little too much going on.  So I changed out the shower curtain to a more simple pattern and took out the ladder behind the toilet that I had made from leftover wood scraps.


I found the new shower curtain at Homegoods for only $14.99.



The new pineapple art was also a Homegoods find!


Additionally, we changed out the builder one lever faucets to these more modern faucets.  They are are only $44!  You can buy them, HERE.

via Home Depot 


And lastly we replaced the Hollywood style light fixture above the mirror to the fixture below!

You can purchase, HERE.

When we made this switch in our master bathroom we had to hire someone because we were going from one Hollywood light fixture to two light fixtures over each sink (tutorial on how to do this HERE).

But this one I was able to install myself!  It gives off tons of light and is $119.


These updates were just another reminder to me that you don’t have to spend a fortune to make a bathroom more beautiful or stylish!


You can get ‘The Look” for much less!  For example below is a beautiful bathroom decorated with all Pottery Barn products.

Source via Pottery Barn


The Pottery Barn vanity in the picture above sells for $1599.  Whereas the very similar vanity below is for sale at Home Depot right now for $299 (and comes with the mirror)!

Pottery Barn-$1599

Home Depot-$299

You can view this vanity, HERE!


This oval mirror matches the Pottery Barn one almost exactly!

Pottery Barn- $299

Amazon- $90

You can view this mirror, HERE (affiliate link)!



This faucet is also very similar to the Pottery Barn one shown in the bathroom above!

Pottery Barn- $599

Amazon- $148. (affiliate link)

You can view this faucet, HERE!



And lastly, the lighting!

Pottery Barn- $99

Amazon- $24 (affiliate link)

You can view this light, HERE!


There are even better deals than these if you do a little searching on Home Depot, Lowes, and Amazon!  These places are definitely my go-tos for bathroom updates!

I hope this post comes in handy to you at some point!!:-)


Thanks for being here and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

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