Decorative Boxes have definitely become a trend in the design world as pieces of décor to adorn table tops, bookcases, and the like.



Surprisingly (at least to me) a set of 3 decorative boxes can ring in as high as $135+

Chevron Bone Boxes - Set of 3
via Home – $74 plus $11 shipping

Hadley Boxes - Set of 3
via – $135.99

You may remember in my recent Dining Room Update I added a grouping of 3 decorative boxes as a centerpiece for the dining room table.

Dining Room Summer Decor


I found the decorative box on the bottom clearanced at Homegoods for $9 (haha still boasting it’s price tag in the picture, oops).  The top two boxes I DIY-ed for $3!  Much less than the decorative box sets above!


Summer Centerpiece


You could easily DIY some decorative boxes for your home as well!  The idea started when my husband received a yummy Father’s Day present in the mail from my mom and dad.  They were Cheryl’s cookies and were tastefully enclosed in these cute plaid gift boxes.


decorative boxes

Realizing the cookies weren’t for me my brain went straight to “hmmm, is there a way I can use these handsome boxes as decorative boxes in my home”.  I couldn’t come up with a use for them as they were but I did envision them looking great in the dining room as a splash of coral and white!

Free boxes to use for this project could come to you in the mail (even as ugly brown packages) or as gift boxes when you buy clothing at a store.

I bet you have a few boxes laying around somewhere just waiting to become a home décor piece (think shoe boxes even).  You gotta think outside the BOX for this one (I know cheesy line.  It’s late here, it couldn’t be helped). 🙂

All I did to create my decorative boxes was to use painters tape to establish the new design.

tape box

The areas I wanted to be white I painted first and then took off the tape and painted the unpainted areas coral.  I used wall paint samples for that paint but I’m sure you could also use craft/acrylic paints.

start to tape box

You can make any design you want.  If you google ‘free stencils’ you are likely to find some you could print out and use for this project or you could keep it simple and paint solids.  I love how the set of 3 decorative boxes on the bookshelf  are each a color in the same color family-they almost appear ombre.

Or for even more pop you could paint the lid and box different solid colors as shown below.

via The Hunted Interior

No matter how you paint yours I can bet 3 things  1) that it is a better version than what it looked like before  2) it was less expensive than buying a one at the store  3)  that your home just got more stylish with its addition.  🙂

I hope you enjoyed this DIY!  I am in the midst of more DIYs right now.  Can’t wait to share them!  I hope you have a wonderful day!

decorative boxes completed

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