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Favorite Paint Brand-I’ll Share Mine If you Share Yours

When a new pottery barn magazine comes in the mail I get giddy.  I save it for when the kids go to bed and then I get comfortable on the couch and savor each page.  I know that I won’t probably buy anything since it’s out of my budget but that doesn’t matter I enjoy looking at the rooms they’ve put together and analyze every little detail.

A few years ago they started putting the paint colors they used for each room in a display page located in the middle of the catalog.  It was clear from this “paint page” that they had a very tight relationship with Benjamin Moore paints.  In relationships terms they were definitely dating exclusively or going steady (for those over 40):-).  Benjamin Moore paints were the only ones they used and they even had their logo and phone number on their page.

“We’ve made it easy to choose the paint color you love by partnering with the experts at Benjamin Moore to bring you a perfect palette of colors, designed specifically to complement Pottery Barn furnishings.”  ~Pottery Barn 2012.  Pictured on wall is Benjamin Moore Philipsburg Blue.

Well,  several months ago as I was google-eyed over the new catalog I noticed there was NO middle of the magazine “paint page”.   Hmmm, that’s really weird I thought.  I knew something must be up.  Lo and behold when the next catalog came the front page proudly declared it’s new relationship with Sherwin Williams!  What!!!???   Pottery Barn had dumped Ben for Sherwin!

“Through this new partnership with Sherwin-Williams, we will be providing our customers with paint colors that coordinate with our furnishings, making decorating even more turnkey.” ~Pottery Barn 2013

Well, we all know Benjamin Moore is a great person (I mean paint:-)) so it must not have been personal.  But it did get me thinking about paints.  I have never bought Benjamin Moore paint because of the steep upfront price.  I have a friend that swears by it though.  She says she only has to do one coat of paint with Benny because it covers so well.  She says in the long run she saves money because she doesn’t have to buy as much of it.

I love some of Ben’s colors but I have always gone to Lowe’s and asked them to make the Benjamin Moore color in their Valspar brand.  I do always have to do a couple of coats of Valspar but I like the way their paint goes on the walls and I like that I don’t have to spend more than $30 upfront for a gallon of paint.   AND, I love that if you don’t like the color once you get it up on the walls you can bring it back and you get your money back.  I have done this several times and have never had a problem with the return.

Photo: We believe that the power in color can lift moods and brighten spirits. What color brightens your day?

THE VALSPAR CORPORATION COLOR GUARANTEE OFFER: “If you purchase one (1) or two (2) gallons of the same color/type of an Eligible Valspar Product (defined below) in a single transaction in the course of one year (365 days) from a participating retailer and aren’t satisfied with the color, you may request a rebate (“Rebate“) in an amount equal to the purchase price (excluding sales/other taxes) of the same volume (up to two (2) gallons) of any other color of the same Eligible Valspar Product that you purchase to replace the Eligible Valspar Product.”  Pictured wall color is Valspar LaFonda Antique Red.

I do think Sherwin Williams has some great things to offer too.  I personally don’t like their least expensive paint line.  I don’t think it covers well.  I have tried their HGTV brand which goes on the wall nicely but regularly priced it is $40.  However, they often have 30% or even 40% paint sales and so buying then would make it only $28 or $24 a gallon respectively.

So how about you?  Do you have a “going steady” relationship with any certain paint?  Do you go for the least priced or are you willing to spend a little more for a certain brand?  I would love to know!

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