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Living Room Makeover Reveal


Hello!  I hope you’ve had a great week!  We got hit by a nasty stomach virus this past week which left 5 out of 6 of us bed and toilet ridden.  But thankfully we are well on the mend and appreciate our good health all the more!  Update:  Make that 6 0ut of 6.:-(

Before I get into the juicy photo dump (no pun intended):-) I want to take a quick trip down living room memory lane.


This is what the living room looked like when we came for a showing 3 years ago.  Not super impressive but had potential.

Living Room


Living Room2
After we moved in, here is how I decorated the living room doing my best to work around a green sleeper sofa that I didn’t love.



Then we got wood floors at an amazing price and I added my bold DIY rug.

Living room after

DIY Rug from Carpet

The living room got an unexpected room-changing moment when a friend texted me inquiring if I would want her comfy but humble couch from her playroom (for free)!  After a lot of elbow grease (a.k.a. painting a couch) we moved the green sleeper sofa downstairs to our playroom and the new free painted couch upstairs.

With a new couch we then needed a living room overhaul which meant a lot of budget décor shopping and DIY.

So here is the new living room to date (except since the photos I have moved the blue vase on the hutch a couple of inches to the right)!:-)

Living Room Makeover

Living Room Makeover Reupholstered Chairs

Living Room Makeover Hallway

Living Room Makeover DIY TIle Art

Living Room Makeover Hutch and Topiaries

Living Room Makeover Tray


Living Room Makeover Decor Accents

Living Room Makeover Vignette

Living Room Makeover Painted Couch

Inexpensive Living Room Makeover

Living Room Makeover DIY Mirror

Living Room Makeover on a Budget

My goal for the living room was a relaxed but pretty room with a bit of a coastal feel (on a small budget).  Did I achieve my goal (please nod yes, it’s been a rough week)?! 🙂

I’ll be back to share more details on the room!  But in the meantime I would love for you to guess– out of everything in the room which one item in the room do you think was the most expensive?   Hope you have good one!!:-)

UPDATE:  Not even 24 hours after publishing this post did I start to doubt my decision of taking away the pictures that use to be over the topiaries planking the hutch.  So I did want any over-analytical decorator would do…I put them back up and took some pictures and begged her unassuming blogger audience to help me decide.  Wall art above the topiaries or no wall art above the topiaries?  Thanks in advance!!!

Living Room Makeover Final

Living Room Makeover Redo

Lving Room Makeover with Pictures

What do ya think?


Budget Living Room Makeover Reveal

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