I’ve been crushing on the classic beauty of brick porch steps for awhile now.  So timeless!



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When we first moved into our house there was no step up to our porch and I noticed quickly that the distance was too large especially younger children and older adults.

So, I created a little make shift step out of concrete 8″x12″ slabs stacked on top of each other and called it good for a few years (pictured below).

Steps Before

However as time has passed a slab or two cracked and I was ready for a more permanent solution.  I of course researched making my own brick step and although I was intimidated by the idea it looked do-able so I did it!


Note: The black stuff in the before photo is not mold, it is dirt and debris from the concrete slabs that laid there for years.

DIY Brick Step Before There was a Step


How to Build a Brick Step 3

How to Build a Brick Step 2

Because the concrete around the porch was already stamped into brick shapes I decided to paint the concrete a brick color.

DIY Brick Step Before

I really like how it turned out but since brick has natural variations of color I plan to add more  paint colors for a more natural look.

DIY Brick Step After with Paint

So want to learn how to build a brick step? Great!


-Quikrete Mortar Mix

-Rubber Gloves


DIY Brick Step Mortar

-A Large piece of Plywood


-Tape Measurer


-Brick Jointer


-Bricks (For the first 2 levels of brick I used free bricks that I got from my neighbor…they were sitting in her garage when she moved in and she was happy to get rid of them.  The top level are brick pavers I purchased from Home Depot for .52 cents each).

DIY Brick Step Supplies


  1.  Do the planning.  Measure out how large you want the step to be and arrange them.

DIY Brick Step Arrange Them

This way as you are laying them down with mortar it is easy to grab the one you need and know where to put it.

Here are some brick pattern ideas if you need them.

Brick Patterns

Source: Purestform.tumblr

2.  Get the Mortar Ready.

DIY Brick Step Ready to Mix

DIY Brick Step Mix Mortar

DIY Brick Step How to mix mortar

  3.  With the trowel put the mortar on the bottom and side of the brick and lay the brick firmly in place.

DIY Brick Step Get Started

Tip- HERE is a video showing how to properly “butter” a brick   I didn’t quite master this technique but I got the job done.:-)

Also, as you go consistently use your level to make sure the bricks are being installed level.

DIY Brick Step Keep it Level

4. Complete your first row.

DIY Brick Step First Row of Bricks

5. Complete your second row.

DIY Brick Step Process Picture

DIY Brick Step Second Row of Bricks

6.  Add your last layer of bricks.

How to Build a Brick Step 3

7.  Finishing Touches.  Once the mortar starts  to dry a little bit push the jointer along the grout lines to create a smooth, uniform divot.

Then with the brush thoroughly brush the steps clearing away any mortar debris.  Once the mortar is completely dry (I waited 24 hours) use a hose to spray down the step.

I’m so glad I faced my fears and tackled this project!  I now have an attractive, durable step to my porch and only cost $50 to make   Since this was my first brick project it did take me about 6 hours to complete but I’m still really glad I did it!

I hope this post helps you (if not now then maybe down the line)!  As always thanks for being here!!


How to Build a Brick Step Tutorial

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