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Hello!  I hope it’s been a great week for everyone!  I can’t believe next week will officially be Summer and that half of 2016 is almost over (time is flying)!!

As I mentioned in my post on Finding your Unique Decorating Style one of the styles I love incorporating into my own home is the coastal style.  Whether you want to add elements of coastal decor all year long or just for the Summer this post will give you ideas (and lot of eye candy) on how to the achieve the look without going overboard (no pun intended).:-D

Here are 5 Tips for Decorating Coastal Style

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1. Blue.  The color blue in all variations almost always presents itself in coastal decor (soft blues, green-blues, and navy blues are most popularly used).  This definitely doesn’t mean the wall color has to be blue!  Blue can show up anywhere in decor such as; upholstered armchairs,  rugs, drapes, wall art, pillows, painted island or cabinet, etc.

2. Stripes.  The pattern of stripes is closely associated with a coastal vibe.  There are so many places you can use this pattern such as;  rugs, accent pillows, drapes, art, woodwork (like shiplap or board and batten), etc.

3.Natural Fibers,  Natural fibers such as jute, sisal, basket weaves, and bleached woods all read very coastal.  Adding these natural elements can be as easy as purchasing a natural fiber rug, using a weaved hemp basket to hold a plant, rush seat stools, or a bleached wood console table. etc.

4.Pictures of or Items found by the Beach.  These a decor items like coral, starfish, seashells, pictures of the ocean, pelicans, fish, and other ocean animals.  A word of caution:  Use these items maybe once or at the most twice in a room you are decorating.  These particular coastal decor items can get too theme-y very quickly so stick to one or two.

5. White or Light Colored Walls.  If you want the light and airy feel of coastal decorating all year long then you may want to paint your walls white, off white, or very pale color.  White or light colored walls automatically open up a space and gives that take a deep breath and relax by the ocean feel.


Below are 20 Coastal Inspired Spaces.  If you think it would be fun see which of the 5 coastal decorating tips each of the photos contains (I would give you answers below each photo but I haven’t learned how to type upside down yet).:-D


beach home decor

via The Lilypad Cottage


beach home decor

Victoria Hagan via Architectural Digest


Beach decor

via Garrison Hullinger Interior Design


beach home decorating

via Ballard Designs


coastal decor

via Willams-Sonoma

Coastal Kitchen

via Lucy Williams Interior

Coastal Bathroom

via Muskoka Living Interiors

Turquoise Bath4oom Cqbinets Coastal Decorating photos

via Mark Williams Design

Dining Room Coastal Inspired

via Kate Marker Interiors

Coastal Decorating photos

via My Design Chic

coastal foyer decor

via Brooke Wagner Design


pottery barn coastal decor

via Pottery Barn

Medfield Colonial


Blackband Design via Houzz
My Work


Hyannis Cottage Renovation




Waterside Home


Coastal Casual
Brooke Wagner Design Coastal Decorating


Are you coastal-inspired or is it not your thing?  What coastal elements do you enjoy having in your home?  I hope you have a great weekend and if there are any Dads out there reading Happy Father’s Day!:-)

Coastal Inspired Interiors

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