DIY Butterfly Wall Art

My daughter’s room is decorated with all things whimsical and girly. I love to lay in her bed with her for a few minutes as she settles in to go to sleep. I feel like I’m lying in a lovely, little flower garden.


Her bedspread is quilted with hydrangeas


Birds can be seen perched on branches of an ornate rubbed oil bronze candle holder.


A cute little painted birdhouse sits as a welcoming home.



Butterflies flutter at the window as they dance playfully in the drapes.

butterfly drapes


Even a pink velvet bunny can be spotted taking in the view.



So when I saw this Pottery Barn Kids wall art I could easily imagine it feeling right at home in my daughter’s room.



As I studied the pictures closely I felt confident that this was a DIY project just waiting to happen.


Here is how it turned out!


butterfly knockoff



ADD some fresh flowers and a plate of robin eggs and now you have a Spring themed art masterpiece.



This color combo especially exudes Spring!



This was an easy, $5  and less than 2 hour project!

Here’s how I did:


The Supply List

(I already had everything on the supply list leftover from previous projects so I only had to buy the canvas)


-A 16x 20 canvas (I got mine as a 2pk at Hobby Lobby for $7.99)

-Acrylic paint in the color you want the background to be, mine was called ‘Princess Pink’- $1

-A small cup of water

-A piece of scrapbook paper in a color and design you want your butterfly to be

-2 foam brushes ( I usually buy a pack at the Dollar Tree)- $1

Modge Podge, a glue stick, or any other kind of adhesive that will glue down paper without leaving any bumps underneath

-Download of Butterfly #1 template- Click Here

Butterfly #1 Template

-And/ or Butterfly #2 template- Click Here

Butterfly #2 Template

( If you do the set of 4 butterfly photos notice there are 2 that have the same butterfly image & 2 that have a different one. That is why I have 2 butterfly image options you can download).




1. Download and print out the butterfly you want to use (I used Butterfly #1)

Butterfly #1 Template

2. Cut along the butterflies border to create the butterfly template

cut out

3. Trace the butterfly onto the piece of scrapbook paper.


4. Cut out the shape of your butterfly on your scrapbook paper by cutting along the lines (more 1st grade cutting skills) (I did not cut antennas out).

5. Put aside.

6. Dab your foam brush into your background paint color and then a quick, tiny dab into your cup of water.


7. Brush the paint onto the canvas in quick, short, counter-clockwise motions until you have filled the entire canvas. (I made reference to the Pottery Barn Kids inspiration picture often through this step).

8. If the canvas is a little wet let it dry.

9. Apply smooth adhesive to the back of your butterfly ( I used a foam brush to apply modge podge to the back).

10. Be sure to position the butterfly on a little bit of an angle and smooth the butterfly out with your hands so that it is completely adhered to the canvas, edges and all.

11. If it is not add more glue to the edges.

12.  I used the end of my foam brush to make the antennas.  If you have a craft marker that would also work well.



You’re done!!! I only needed 1 but I think it would be so fun to do the whole set or even 2 would look good to plank a bed or add color to a blank wall.  Hope you have as much fun as I did with this project!!!   Let me know if you have any questions!  And feel free to post your final product in the comment section if you end up doing it!


Bunny looks a lot less lonely now.  Wouldn’t you agree?:-)


DIY Butterfly Wall Art

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