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10 Steps to a Beautiful Master Bedroom

Hello!  I hope you have had a great week and a good start to your weekend!  We had the stomach flu this week…sure makes me appreciate good health all the much more!

As I mentioned in my home goals for the New Year post I want to finish updating my master bedroom this year so I’ve been busy lately looking through inspiration photos and for fairly priced bedroom decor.

As I’ve been studying some of my favorite master bedrooms on Pinterest I’ve noticed some things they have in common.

10 Steps to a Beautiful Bedroom (at least for me)

1.  An Upholstered Headboard– Although there are some beautiful all wood headboards I find I am drawn more to upholstered headboards right now.  I recently made my master bedroom upholstered headboard for only $65, Here!
2.  A Rug-  I have carpet in my bedroom so I haven’t needed a rug for comfort (functional reasons).  However, rugs are in all of my inspiration photos and I love how nicely it ties the decor in the room together and emphasizes the focal point of the room (aesthetic reasons).  So I’m on the hunt for a bedroom rug!


In the design world they say  that as long as your rug isn’t a high pile rug (like a shag carpet) then you can do a rug over it.

Studio Mcgee Master Bedroom 1

via Studio-Mcgee

3.  Nightstands and Lamps that match in visual weight.  The nightstands and lamps don’t have to be identical but they do need to balance each other out in shape and color.
Ballard Designs master bedroom


Several months ago we realized our 13 year old mattress was no longer doing its job and so we purchased a new memory foam mattress that was much taller than our previous one.   This made our nightstands too low.

After the kids go to bed we often work on our laptops sitting up in bed and because the nightstands are too low the light from the bedside lamps hit too low too!

Over the past 3 or 4 weeks I’ve been on the hunt for new nightstands for our room and can I just say nightstands are ridiculously expensive!

I finally found a pair at Homegoods for $79 each that I think will work  (but I may change the pulls on it).

I also found pretty bedside lamps at Homegoods for $50 each.


4.  Predominantly white bedding.  White bedding brings such a clean, fresh feeling to the room.  We have white sheets, pillow cases, and a white down comforter.  I also have a lighter weight quilt we use at the end of the bed that is not white.
130405                                                                   via Tillman Long Interiors


5.  1-3 Accent Pillows.  With the bedding being white I like it when there are 1-3 accent pillows on the bed that have some color and/or pattern to them.

Homebunch master bedroom

via Homebunch

hgtv master bedroom

via hgtv

6.  Light or Neutral Colored Walls.  This is a must for me as I want my bedroom to feel peaceful, relaxing, and airy.  I plan to keep my already light colored Valspar Del Coranada Tequila walls and am seriously considering painting over the stripes behind the desk (perhaps Benjamin Moore Classic Gray).
7.  Wall Decor on Same Wall as the Bed.  I’ve also noticed that all of the inspiration photos have a decor piece over the bed OR over each nightstand.


Around the same time that I made my upholstered headboard I found a large round decorative mirror at Homegoods for $50 that will do the trick
8.  Window Treatments.  I love long drapes.  I made the drapes I have in my bedroom right now from queen size white bed sheets.  I still like them but I’m thinking about adding some kind of warm toned roman shades to cozy up the space.

studio mcgee master bedroom 3

via Studio Mcgee

9.  A Bench or Seating.  If there is space a bench in front of the bed is a great anchor to the bed and provides functional use for sitting to put on shoes in the morning.  An armchair diagonally across from the bed works too.

10. Plant life.  If you scroll up you will see that in every single photo there is a plant or flower on a nightstand.  Crazy, right?  I didn’t realize this until I was writing this!

I tell you there is something about bringing some of the outdoors in (even if it is fake) that just makes a space more inviting and fresh.  I will be sure to add a small, probably faux plant or flower to my new nightstand.

So what am I missing?  What elements or items bring beauty to your master bedroom?  Feel free to share in the comments!

When I finish with all of the updates I will for sure share a before and after post!

Hope you have a great rest of your weekend and as always thanks for reading!


10 Steps to a Beautiful Master Bedroom

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