I’m popping in this weekend to share a quick and easy beachy/coastal inspired DIY. But before I do take a look at who showed up for lemonade the morning after I wrote this post!  Too funny!  It’s a lot harder now to be angry at her for eating my day lilies by the mailbox 2 year in a row when she looks so sweet and innocent relaxing under our tree!:-)



However, deer repellent spray will still be coming out in full force next year.  Now onto the coastal inspired DIY!   I can’t get enough of the casual beauty of coastal decorated homes lately.


Here are a few of my favorites!


Decorating with stripes indoors
via Ballard Designs

via Pinterest

~ LOVE the table ~ CHIC COASTAL LIVING: Beach Cottage Tour

via Chic Coastal Living

Coastal Pallette

via Pinterest

Coastal kitchen

via Pinterest


When I saw this coastal inspired gold sculpted bowl online at Wisteria a light bulb went on.

Wisteria - Accessories - Shop by Category - Home Accents - Gilt Branches Sculpture

via Wisteria


Ever since we had a couple of dead ash trees cut down in our front yard I have had these branches hanging out in the corner of my garage.  A friend had suggested I hang on to some of my dead branches for a Christmas DIY project she said was really cute.  Well, that DIY project never happened and so when I saw this coastal gold branched bowl I thought I’ll spray the branches with gold paint.  Easy!


branches before


I ended up choosing one of the thicker branches that had some smaller offshoots.  I liked it’s shape.  It looks to me like a sea branch I would find washed up on the beach.  Of course, in real life it wouldn’t be gold but doesn’t everything look prettier right now all shimmered out in gold?! 🙂


DIY Gold Sea Branch


DIY Sea Branch on Marble


If you or a neighbor (I’m sure they wouldn’t mind:-) ) has a dead tree or some branches that need to be cut from a tree then you have the main supply needed for this project.  Only thing left is to cut the branch.   And then to spray it with gold metallic spray paint.  I got mine at Home Depot for only $3.50!

Gold metallic spray paint


And that’s it!  Got to love an easy DIY! 🙂  Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

DIY Coastal Decor

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