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Budget-Friendly Home Decor Fabric

where to find good deals on fabric

Hello!  I hope you’ve had a great week so far!  I’ve busy working away on my home goals for the New Year.  This week I’ve been installing “crown molding” trim in the foyer and hallway and I’m getting excited about how the space is taking shape!

Here is a little sneak peek!

Foyer Trim so Far

Today I want to share with you where I go to find budget-friendly home decor fabric!

If you follow my fabric board on Pinterest you may already know I have a slight obsession with fabric.:-)  When a fabric speaks to me I can’t help but speak back and it usually is something like “Hey baby, I want you”!

Don’t know why I have this connection with fabric but I can’t deny it.:-)  So, basically i just try to stay away from it, unless I have a project that calls for fabric (it truly is a blessing I’m so practical/thrifty or I could easily become a fabricaholic)!

So what do I consider a good price per yard for home decor fabric?  My frugally-minded self has determined $12 a yard as a good cut off point!  In my opinion fabric under $12 is a really good price and under $9 is a really really good price.

There are variety of places and brands that have good deals on fabric here and there but the two that I can consistently count on to have attractive fabric and low prices are 1) The Premier Brand on Fabric.com and 2)  The Nate Berkus Brand at Joann Fabrics.

1) The Premier Brand sold on Fabric.com.  If you haven’t heard of Fabric.com it is basically an online fabric store.  I have bought from them a handful of times and haven’t had any negative experiences.

When you go to their site on the top left side you will see the “Home Decor Fabric” tab.   Click on it and then go to the left side bar and find  the section that says “Brand & Designers”.  Scroll down to Premier.  Right now there are 1,745 Premier fabrics available which is a huge selection and most if not all of their  fabrics are $12 and under!


Here are a couple of collections of Premier fabric (you can click on the collection title to go to fabric.com and see the individual fabrics and their prices).


Premiers Prints Color Story: Snowy

Premier Prints Fulton SnowyPremier Prints Monroe Slub SnowyPremier Prints Lyon SnowyPremier Prints Manchester SnowyPremier Prints Slub JoJo SnowyPremier Prints Sheffield SnowyPremier Prints Chipper Slub Snowy WhitePremier Prints Pawnee Twill Snowy GrayPremier Prints Polka Dot Twill Snowy White/GreyPremier Prints Cecilia SnowyPremier Prints Canopy Snowy BluePremier Prints Basic Stripe Twill Snowy GrayPremier Prints Anderson Check SnowyPremier Prints Berlin Slub SnowyPremier Prints Bordeaux SnowyPremier Prints Jamestown Toile Snowy



Premiers Prints Color Story: Cashmere Blue

Premier Prints Fynn Cashmere BluePremier Prints GiGi Cashmere BluePremier Prints Fynn White/Cashmere BluePremier Prints Bordeaux Cashmere BluePremier Prints Miller Barcelona Cashmere BluePremier Prints Cabana Cashmere BluePremier Prints Lyon Cashmere BluePremier Prints Sheffield Cashmere BluePremier Prints Towers Cashmere BluePremier Prints Lyon Backdrop Cashmere BluePremier Prints Slub Chaz Cashmere BluePremier Prints Slub Chipper Cashmere BluePremier Prints Arrow Cashmere BluePremier Prints Manchester Cashmere BluePremier Prints Anderson Check Cashmere BluePremier Prints Zeus Cashmere BluePremier Prints Slub Berlin Cashmere BluePremier Prints Fulton Cashmere Blue


These fabrics remind me of one of my favorite sunrooms!:-)


If you are a regular reader you know how much I love blue so that’s why I chose these collections to share.:-)   But they of course have a ton of other fabric colors and patterns too (and a super cute nursery/kid line as well)!

Most attractive fabrics like this run at least $40 per yard which may not seem like a lot more but If you are making a pair of long drapes (needing 6 yards) then it would be a difference of spending $60 on drapes versus spending $240.

2)  The Nate Berkus Brand at Joann Fabrics.  The Nate Berkus selection is much smaller than the premier selection.  The advantage though is that you can go to the store and see it in person before you purchase it or wait the few days for it to be shipped.

Many of the fabrics in the Nate Berkus line list for $19.99.  $19.99 does not meet my $12 and under criteria but JoAnn Fabric’s regularly has their Home Decor Fabrics 50% off and when they don’t you can use this 40% coupon they have on their website.


Here are some examples of fabric from the Nate Berkus Line

So now that we’ve covered where to buy attractive, well priced fabric next we’ll be determining how we can use the fabric in decorating our homes?  I am in the process of putting together a comprehensive list of home decor DIY projects that use fabric (because you know what that means, right?…if I have home decor projects that use fabric then I actually have a good excuse to buy fabric)!;-)

I will be sure to share the list of projects in the near future (and in the mean time if you are interested, I discuss some of the ‘whys’ of using fabric in decorating in this post).

Do you know of any other go-to destinations for budget-friendly home decor fabric?  Feel free to share in the comment section below!  Also, do you have a thing for fabric too or is just me?:-/

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!! Stay warm!


Where to Find Good Deals on Home Decor Fabric

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