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10 Simple Fall Decor Ideas

Hi Guys!  Today I’m excited to share with you 10 simple and inexpensive Fall décor ideas that will last the season through!

10 Simple Fall Decor Ideas

Fall decorating can be a little tricky sometimes because there are two very popular and very different Holidays to decorate for.  First, Halloween depicted by all things creepy and orange and black and then Thanksgiving which is a more serious and reflective Holiday.

I like to choose Fall décor items that are more reflective of the actual season (of what is going on outside).   That way I can put those décor items up in early-mid September and they last all the way through right after Thanksgiving.

I do add a few Halloween items in early October and then replace those with Thanksgiving sentiments in the first week of November.

But here are the 10 inexpensive décor items that will last you the season through!

#1 Canisters or Bowls filled with apples or pears.

Fall Decor Kitchen

Fall Decor Apples

I bought the glass canister above at Homegoods for $9.99.  Then I filled it with fake green apples I bought from a stager’s sale for next to nothing.  Love the assortment of pears in the bowl below.

 Design Happens via Houzz

#2 Decorating with Leaves.  There are various ways to decorate with leaves.  The photos above and below portray beautiful leaf bouquets that appear to have been cut in their full Fall foliage glory!


I love the idea of mounting dried leaves to white paper and creating a gallery wall of sorts.  Simply genius.

Cuppett Architects via Houzz


#3  Another décor item from nature that is common place to find in Fall are acorns.  I love the glass vase filled with acorns.  I bet kids would love assisting in hunting down the acorns for this project.  A real win-win!

#4  While they are out hunting for acorns they can also do collecting pinecones.  This pretty family room boasts a wooden bowl filled with pinecones which gets me in the mood for Fall.


When I use to visit my grandparents in South Carolina every Thanksgiving you could find pine cones a foot everywhere.  But where I live in the Midwest I hardly ever see one out in nature.  I purchased my gold tinted pinecones at good old JoAnn Fabrics.

Fall Decor Pinecones

#5  Another item to look for in your yard or in craft stores are dried flowers.  Often flowers turn autumn colors when they are dried properly.  Below are some pink hydrangeas that dried up like this last Fall.  When I went out to cut the plant down I kept the nicest ones and now use them in a white $1.00 thrift store vase.  My kind of inexpensive decor!:-)

Inexpensive Fall Decor

These salmon colored dried flowers and gorgeous and have such a nice autumn flair.

#6  Bare branches or almost bare branches can be found outdoors as well.  My neighbor gave me the branches on my kitchen table.  I put them in a large tin vase I got at the Pottery Barn Outlet.  I have seen similar branches at Walmart for around $10.

Fall Decorating

Subtle Fall Decor

Below bare branches situated inside a woven planter signify the season’s dying process well.

(Also note the pinecones placed carefully upon books and on the far left can be seen grouped inside an urn).

The photos above and below are not only adorned with fall branches but also with #7 Candles and #8 Blankets.

Candles and Blankets (or Throws) are both practical and descriptive décor items for Fall.  They both produce heat that can keep us warm and cozy in our homes as temperatures decline.  Candles also can be employed as the daylight begins to fade ever  so quickly.


#9 There is something about burlap reminds me of Fall.  A few years ago I made this adorable wreath in a bigger size for my front door and I still love it and use  it the whole season.

ruffle wreath

via Jones Design Company.com (tutorial also at this link)

Burlap is a relatively inexpensive material and can make great drapes, table runners, Fall banners and more!


via Cosmo girl

Love the burlap backing in this framed monogram.  it screams autumn posed with a pumpkin.

DIY Monogrammed Picture Fall Wedding Decor 015

via Love of Family & Home

#10  Although Jack-0-lanterns and bright orange pumpkins are a hallmark of Halloween their more muted versions  and gourds  serve as a Fall symbol all season long.


via Country Living


via bhg.com

I hope this post has given you some ideas on how you can bring Fall into your home all season long without a lot of work or money (true simplicity). 🙂  I hope you have a great weekend!  I’ll be watching our boys soccer games.  What is on your agenda?

10 Simple Fall Decor Ideas

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