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Is Gray Here to Stay?

Initially you may have thought the title would be referring to the gray skies of winter.  Believe sometimes living in Ohio I begin to wonder if gray is here to stay, like forever!  Thankfully it’s not (although I did look it up and 67% of winter days are cloudy in Ohio)!

But instead I am referring to the gray color trend that has swept the nation and beyond in the use of home décor accents galore.


Recently my fellow DIY loving friend, Cindy, painted her kitchen cabinets gray.

Gray Cabinets in Kitchen

They look amazing, don’t they!?

After showing them to me, Cindy, confided that she harbored concerns about her choice of color. What if the gray trend dies out soon and if I go to sell a few years down the road the cabinets cause problems for potential buyers?

Her question got me thinking, is the gray surge just a trend or is it here to stay?

The gray trend started about 5 years ago. Initially it began on walls, then in accents of rugs and pillows, then on furniture in upholstered chairs and couches, and in the past couple of years cabinetry and backsplashes have showcased gray beautifully.


Most recently I have seen a trend of painting interior doors gray and I love the examples below!


gray interior door

At the Parade of Homes I went to this past Summer there was even a brick fireplace painted over in gray.  This was a new color choice then the normal white but it totally works!

Family Room Gray Painted Brick Fireplace

So is gray here to stay?  My opinion is that gray is here to stay. I think it will be a popular color in home fashion for at least the next 10 years but I wouldn’t be surprised if it lasts much longer.


Because gray is a neutral–it goes with everything and is a nice third option to the often employed neutrals of, off-white and beige.


It is a calming color.


gray color trend will stay

 via Pottery Barn


Jennifer Robin Interiors via Houzz


It is an excellent cool color to balance the warmth of wood tones and gold accents.

(Paint color-Benjamin Moore Stingray)


 Gray kitchen cabinets with gold hardware

via Martha Stewart


via Houzz

It’s a fabulous backdrop for pops of color or to create a weathered rustic ambience.




Gray is so versatile, too versatile to be going anywhere fast. Gray is here is to stay!

I’ve personally used gray in my home decorating in the boys room makeover with their wall color and DIY upholstered headboards.

Faux tufted Headboard


It’s also a main color in our media room (man cave) and I recently painted this frumpy brown couch gray!

couch before

And it is far from frumpy now!  You can check out the awesome results and couch painting tutorial,  Here!

What is your take on the gray trend?  Love it or hate it?  Think it’s here to last???


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Is Gray Color Trend Here Stay


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