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Tool Time with Tamara- Air Compressor and Nail Gun Kit

When It comes to learning how to use new tools it may seems like I am pretty fearless.  However, that’s not the case.  If it wasn’t for my determination in finding ways to save money in my quest to create a beautiful home then I would have never picked up a power tool.

Power tools are a means to an end for me.  If creating a beautiful home on a budget is something you want to accomplish learning to use power tools will be a great asset to you too!
Truth is everytime I’ve faced my fears and learned how to use a new tool I have felt empowered.  It’s a pretty awesome feeling to do something you never thought you would or could do!

I think that’s why DIY can be addicting.  It feels so good when it’s all done to be able to say I made this!  I created this for our family and home and saved lots of money in the process (but let’s be honest in the middle of the project you can wonder sometimes why in the world you got yourself into this mess, lol).

Personally I learn best when there is someone there showing me step by step how to do something new (I’m a visual learner for sure).  I’ve decided that each month I want to teach you how to use a different DIY tool.

And I think the best method for this is video.

The tool I’m demonstrating use of today is an air compressor and nail gun kit.  I dragged my feet on this purchase for so long (I just got it a year ago).

I was so intimidated by the air compressor because they are loud when they are filling up with air and I think because they are loud I irrationally feared it was going to burst.
I even tried to buy a few electric nail guns first but they kept breaking so a year ago I bit the bullet and bought the Porter Cable Air Compressor and Nail Gun Kit.

Porter Cable makes such an awesome air compressor.  While I was dragging my feet to buy the compressor and nail gun I borrowed a few of my friends’ kits and so I got to try out some different brands.

Porter Cable was my favorite because I found it easier to carrier around and more user-friendly plus it had 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon’s reviews which confirmed it wasn’t just me who liked it.

So here is my video which displays the following:

1. What the kit comes with (sorry in advance for the muffled background noise of this part of the video)
2. Steps in Using the Compressor and Nail Gun (which is SO easy use)
3. How to Let the air out of the compressor when your done

And of course I need to add a disclaimer that it is muy importante (very important) that you also read the owner’s manual to the nail gun and air compressor before using it.:-)

I hope you find this video helpful!  And that if you were on the fence about whether you could use a nail gun and compressor that you now feel that it is in fact very do-able and quite easy (and you will absolutely LOVE how much faster, easier, and do-able it will make your home projects)!

If you want to purchase the exact air compressor/nail gun kit that I have you can HERE (affiliate link).

And as always let me know if you have any questions!  Have a great rest of your weekend!:-)


 Come Learn How to Use an Air Compressor and Nail Gun

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