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The Trick to Growing Grass & Porch Update

If you are a homeowner or ever will be a homeowner in the future there is a good chance that at some point in time you will need to grow grass. We have only lived in our home for a little over 3 years and have already had to grow grass on two separate occasions.

When I mentioned to my husband I was writing a post on growing grass he chuckled. Yes, chuckled! I asked him why he found that funny and he explained that it seemed like a no brainer topic, just read the directions on the bag!

I kindly reminded him of the two bags of grass seed we wasted our time and money on (grass seed is not inexpensive) before finding our successful method and how I would like to help others in a balding lawn situation get the help they need right away instead of fiddling around with unprofitable methods.

Because lets face it, when you plant grass seeds you have to invest time in watering them and there is nothing more frustrating then spending time watering seeds that never grow (believe me I know)!!

The first time we needed to grow grass was right after we moved in.  There was a large dead ash tree that we had to have cut down.

Front of House Before

We decided not to replace it which left us with a nice 4ft. diameter dirt circle smack in the middle of our front lawn. The lawn stayed that way for a few months because of my unsuccessful attempts at growing grass. It was an eye sore and I was tempted to tell visitors coming to see our new house for the first time that a UFO had landed there causing the bald spot and that we were waiting for the tabloids to come photograph it before we fixed it (believable, right?).:-)

Thankfully, on our third purchase of grass seed we found a winner!!! It is Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed (shown below).  We got it from Home Depot but I’m sure Lowes probably has it too.  And just so you know this isn’t a sponsored post in any way just sharing what finally worked for us!

How to Grow Grass


As part of the DIY landscaping I’ve been doing this Spring I decided to get rid of the little flower bed right in front of our front door.

curb appeal

The kids always walk through it to get to the neighbors and I’ve decided to pick my battles and just get rid of it.

I, again, used our winner grass seed and here is the week by week progress photos of the new grass! (affiliate links used for your convenience).

Scotts Turf Builder Growing Grass

I know what you are thinking–some people mark the progression of their babies growth by weeks, others the growth of their grass!:-)

Looks good though , doesn’t it?? As you can see from the first photo the seed is blue which I liked because you can easily see where you have it and people can see that you are trying to do something about your problem area (and  it reminds the kids not to walk on it).:-)

So here are the 3 Steps:

1.  Level out the area where you are going to grow the grass.

2.  Put the seed down all over the spot you want it to grow.

3.  Water it twice a day for the first couple of weeks.

I can’t stress enough the importance of the 3rd step (well and the 2nd one too, you can’t grow grass without planting the seed) 🙂 because unless it rains that day you’ve got to water it.

And here is a recent photo of our home.  You can’t even tell the two areas where there use to be no grass!

How to Grow Grass Tutorial

And for my readers did you notice the new porch planters??  A week after the porch makeover I decided the DIY Large Planters were  bit too large and moved them to the back patio.  I made smaller white ones using the same tutorial as before.  What do you think?

DIY Planters

I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial on growing grass!  I can picture my ex-boyfriends reading this and laughing, “Honey, she’s telling them how to grow grass now”!  That’s okay, as long as I’ve helped someone in the process.:-)

Have a great weekend!


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How to Grow Thick, Healthy Grass

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