The look for less in Home Decor

Hello!  How are you doing?  I hope well!!  I’ve been slowly moving along on several projects (living room, dining room, upstairs hallway, and my master bathroom).  To say I have project adhd is well, pretty much accurate!:-/

As I’ve been working on several room makeovers and updates I’ve come across some examples of getting “The Look” for less.  I wanted to pass them along to you today in case you could benefit from these deals as well as to demonstrate that a beautiful home doesn’t have to be expensive!


1.  First, last weekend we changed out our large hollywood light for two vanity lights (“how to” post to come) in our master bathroom.  Since I would be buying (2) vanity light fixtures I wanted to make sure I found a light for a good price.  After some hunting I found this Hampton Bay 3-light Fixture for only $29

Good deals on home decor vanity light

The one shown above is brushed nickel but I got ours in chrome (a sneak peak below…sorry for the bad iPad picture).

Look for Less Home Decor vanity light


It looks very similar to Pottery Barn’s Sussex Triple Sconce which I love but is $169.

Pottery Barn Vanity Light

Source: Pottery Barn

2 of them would be $340 but I got my two lights for $60, saving $280!


2.   I’ve been noticing a trend in the kitchen of using wooden cutting boards as decor for the kitchen countertop.  You can see this trend on display in the photos below.


via Becki Owens

lindahl-16-725x725 Becki Owens

via Becki Owens


via Studio Mcgee

Miller+Kitchen+5 Studio Mcgee

via Studio Mcgee

So when I was at Walmart a few weeks ago I was stopped in my tracks by this end cap display below.  This is a great deal on some really large, nice wooden cutting boards (the wooden cutting boards at West Elm are $40+ a piece)!

Good Price on Wooden cutting boards

I could have sworn I put a couple of them in my cart but with 2 little ones in tow somehow I managed to get distracted and not do it!  When I got home they weren’t in any of my bags or on the receipt (doh).

I went back two weeks later (4 days ago) for them and they were gone!:-(  They may still be in your local Walmart??  They did have some different wooden ones (none with handles) in their kitchen aisle which I bought because we were in need of cutting boards.  I  bought a bigger one for $16.99 and a smaller one for $3.99 (which still works out to about $10 a piece and can be seen below).



3.  I have mentioned using flat sheets as drapes in a previous post or two but this great money saving idea worked it’s magic again recently!

I am helping my friend Lolly makeover her master bedroom on a budget and she has two windows in her bedroom that we needed drapes for.  Purchasing four curtain panels can really add up!

We decided that solid navy panels was what the room was calling for.  I looked around for same pretty navy panels but even JC Penney which usually has some good prices had panels at $40 a panel.

That’s when I picked up 4 navy Mainstay Twin flat sheets for $5 a piece and they look amazing!  I can’t wait to show you (next month most likely)!

Below are some patterned sheets that are available at Walmart right now that I think could work well as drapes (or possibly even as a fabric shower curtain (it would need to be hemmed and have a plastic liner of course).

IMG_0114 IMG_0116 IMG_0115 Good deals on home decor drapes

Spending $20 versus $160+ on drapes has given us more budget to work with in her bedroom makeover!!


4.  If you’ve ever looked for a large rug then you know that it’s near impossible to find one for under $100.  I was on the search for one for my “new” living room.  I am a big fan of the look of natural fiber rugs (they immediately give a room so much warmth).

If you aren’t sure if you like natural fiber rugs like sisal and jute then check out this post where I wrote all about them (there’s a lot of eye candy in the post too).:-)

I searched high and low for a rug that was around 7’x10′ and under $100 and was thrilled to find a 6 ‘ 7 “x9 ‘ 10 ” seagrass rug at IKEA for $69.99.

Good deals on home decor seagrass rug

Source: IKEA

The down side of natural fiber rugs is that they aren’t very comfortable and this one is no exception.  But for this room that was okay because it is not our hang out and play games on the floor kind of room.

Rugs like this are usually $250 or more so $69.99 is a great deal!  If you don’t have an IKEA near you I also found a good deal at Rugs USA for one, Here.


5.   This large DIY outdoor lantern caught my eye on Amy Krist’s blog.


Source: Amy Krist

It looks great!  I have seen large decorative lanterns like this run between $50- $150 at places like Homegoods and Pottery Barn.

Amy provides a thorough step by step tutorial, Here, in case you are interested in making one for your home for a lot less!

I hope you enjoyed this post!  I was shocked when i realized that the last ‘Look for Less’ post I did was a year ago (if you missed it you can find it, Here)

Let me know in the comment section if you like these kinds of posts and I will try to do them more often (otherwise at this rate the next one might not be until a year from now).:-)

Wishing you and yours a wonderful Easter weekend!!!:-)


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