In my home decorating goals for 2015 I talked about getting a new rug for my living room makeover (more on why I’m making over the living room in a upcoming post) and to fit my budget I needed it to be under $150.

Well, a few days after I made the goal I found a great rug for a great price online and pulled the trigger.  Remember how in my “Where to Find Deals on Rugs” post I shared that Rugs USA has lots of 75% off sales, especially around holidays? Well, on the last day of their New Year’s sale I found the rug I had been looking for.

Drum roll…it is a 8×10 natural fiber jute rug.  This particular rug comes with a no slip backing so I didn’t have to buy a rug pad for it and it was only a not so whopping $113. It came with free shipping and arrived within a week of buying it.

RugsUsa Jute Rug


via Rugs USA

Natural fiber rugs are crafted from plant-based fibers such as Sisal, Seagrass, Jute, and Hemp tightly woven to create a rug.  I have seen these rugs everywhere in the design world and have loved the cozy, warm, and casual yet polished feel they give to a room.

I’ve put together 5 advantages of natural fiber rugs as well as lots of photo inspiration for decorating with them.

5 Pros of Decorating with a Natural Fiber Rug

1)  They are relatively inexpensive.  Natural Fiber rugs are generally less expensive than other rugs.  As I mentioned above I found my 8×10 jute rug for only $113!  It’s a quality rug and I noticed Rugs USA is having a winter sale so it is still 75% off.  Pottery Barn has their version of the same size jute rug for $489 plus shipping.  I did see some other good prices for natural fiber rugs on and Amazon.



2)  They go with about any style.  Natural fiber rugs have often been linked to the coastal decorating style, however, I have seen them used in a variety of decorating genres as demonstrated in the examples below.





via Houzz





3)  They provide instant warmth to a room.  The color and texture of natural fiber rugs can create an inviting atmosphere like no other rug.  If you ever feel your space is missing a cozy vibe look into one of these rugs for sure!




4)  They are easy to match with other rugs, patterns, and bold colors.  Natural fiber rugs work particularly well in open-concept homes because they are usually neutral in color and so go well with about any other rug, colors, or patterns going on in the space.





5)  They look good layered with other rugs.  Layering is an important element of design.  Natural Fiber rugs lend themselves well to smaller rugs being used on top especially in defining the space under coffee tables as shown below.






The biggest con of natural fiber rugs is that they are typically not as soft on the foot as other rugs.  Jute is usually the softest of the bunch.  My new jute rug isn’t uncomfortable to walk on but it’s not what I would call soft either.  As far as durability goes the most durable is Hemp, then Seagrass, then Sisal, and finally jute.  I will let you know how my jute rug holds up to our kids and cat!


What are your experiences with natural fiber rugs, good or bad?  Do you like/love the look?
5 Pros of Decorating with Natural Fiber Rugs

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