Color Quiz- Fun & Informative

Happy Friday!   This week I came across a color quiz that helps you discover what color(s) you should surround yourself with to support your well-being!  It is no secret that colors hold emotional meaning and exude certain feelings or vibes.

I’ve known for awhile that decorating with blues, whites, and light colors help give me a sense of peace and tranquility in my home and life.  However, this test was a good reminder to me that not everyone or personality has the same needs and some may actually benefit from using more bold and vibrant colors in their homes.

Today I want to share this color test with you because I think it is important for each person to know what color palette would be most beneficial for them to use in their home (via paint colors, decor items, etc).

Thankfully this quiz isn’t one of those tests where you have to give your name and email address to get the results.  The results are instantaneous with no strings attached.

Click HERE to go to the page where you can start your personal color quiz (there are 18 questions)!

Depending on your answers you may get one color suggestion or a few.  I got a few.

Here were my results:



The world of Waterside is vast. It is sea and sky, the most ubiquitous color on earth and an overwhelming favorite among its people. The endless variety of blues evokes a multitude of associations, depending upon the hue and shade. Indigo and navy, are dignified, easy to live with and transcend time. Inky and gray blues are more intriguing and multi-dimensional. Lighter aquarelle blues are spiritual and gentle. And brighter blues can inject a room with a dose of high energy. Whichever blues you prefer, they are all intelligent, honest and interesting without too much fanfare.


Silverlight is the celebrity of the color world. It is glamorous, trendy, and futuristic. Silver, platinum, nickel, pewter, steel and chrome are all sleekly reflective, making everything around them more interesting. Silverlight materials are best used in measured quantities against more subtle backdrops to showcase their extraordinary gifts and are perfect in accessories, textiles and wall coverings. The reflected light of a simple mirror can transform a space, as can glass fixtures. Let it shine!


Whisper colors are tranquil and cleansing. They are at the intersection between committed color and white. They are there, but barely. Sea foam, corn silk, alabaster and water chestnut; dove, parchment and opaline…vanilla, cream, oyster and pale ice pink. These colors are not a call to action; they make space for us to think, to quiet our minds, to gentle ourselves. Their nuanced shades create a sense of calm. Breathe. Them. In.

For me these results rang pretty true.  I would love to hear what your results are in the comment section!  What color or colors did the test say would be beneficial for you to decorate with??   Does it ring true for you?

I hope you have a beautiful weekend!

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