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New Home Update

Hello!  I hope you are all doing well!!  It’s been crazy busy lately with having our house on the market and still making decisions for the house we are building!  I wanted to pop in today to give you an update on our new house progress.

It is moving along slowly but surely.  It is now looking like we’ll be able to move in mid-January or so.  So we won’t make it in before Christmas after all.:-(  I guess that’s how building goes sometimes.  I’d rather it be built right and be done later than expected than vice versa.

So on to the house progress!  One of the rooms I’m most excited about progress-wise is the master bathroom.  The tile, cabinetry, and vanity countertop are all in and is looking pretty marble-lous (I know pretty corny but I’m almost 40 so I’m old enough to start making corny jokes, right?)!:-)



We went with honed Carrara marble on the countertops and floors and a bianca marble on the shower walls.  I had wanted to do a basketweave marble on the shower floor but there was a misunderstanding with it and so for now it looks like I’ll be doing a regular shower pan.



The powder bath on the main floor also got its vanity in and I love the fun, marble mosaic floor tile.



Here is the mood board I made for this room.


The countertops in the kitchen got installed (and promptly covered).  We went with Zodiaq’s London Sky Quartz and I’m happy with it so far (I only saw it a couple of time before it got covered for protection).




Just this past week they installed the custom built hood.  It will be painted the same color as the cabinets.


I can’t remember if I’ve shared any pictures of the pantry.  We added the window once the room was framed and I’m so glad we did.


This is my little mock up of what I’m thinking about doing in here.  White shelves and either striped wallpaper or a denim blue textured wallpaper.


The stair railing have been installed!  This made it feel so much more like a home.


They are staining the hand rails, the stair treads, and the very tops of the posts this pretty dark walnut color.  The rest will be painted white.


As for the stair runner I’ve decided to go with the herringbone pattern in the color circled below.



The exterior now has one coat of white paint on it.  We will probably need to put another coat on in the Spring for better coverage.  There is still a lot to be done on the exterior.


I added some of the those things to the house in photoshop to see what the house might look like when everything is in.

In the first picture (above) there are no shutters.  In the second photo (below) I added shutters to the window over the garage.


Which do you like better, no shutters at all or shutters over the garage?

Well that’s it for now!  I promise I won’t go so long between posts this time!

I hope you have a warm and safe Thanksgiving!!




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