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Making Progress in the Bathroom

For those who are new here, I am in the middle of a bathroom makeover. I had to put that out there because with the title being ‘Bathroom Progress’ I didn’t want anyone being concerned that I was having trouble using the bathroom and hence giving an update on it:-) Nope, no bathroom problems here, in fact, I am very efficient in the bathroom (tmi)!:-)

SO ANYWAYS, now that we got that out in the air (lol, no pun intended) unto the bathroom makeover progress!  Remember how about a month ago I posted about this pretty mosaic tile only being $2.99 a sqft. at Lowes???

American Olean Mosaic Monte Carlo Ceramic Mosaic Square Wall Tile (Common: 12-in x 12-in; Actual: 11.75-in x 12.75-in)


I was looking for tile in the first place because this picture (found on Houzz) had inspired me and I wanted to do the same thing with tile in my bathroom makeover.


I loved the Lowe’s mosaic tile backsplash and I loved the price so I got online to buy it.  The website said there was a limited quantity so I rushed to order it (I may have been guilty of ignoring a couple of children at that very second) and was relieved when my purchase went through.


An hour later as I was dreaming about my lovely future mosaic tiles I got a phone call from Lowes saying that when they went to fill my order they realized that there were actually NO MORE in stock and that the computer had not been updated to account for this.  Needless to say I was bummed, but not despondent!

Lowes is a great company, they made a mistake, I have proof that the purchase went through, maybe they will make it up to me, I thought to myself.  The next day I needed to go to Lowes anyways, so while I was there I checked out their mosaic tile section.  And I fell in love again.  This time it was with this beauty.


It was on clearance marked down from $13 to $10 a sqft.  (not an impressive markdown to me).  I thought hard, maybe they will be willing to give this to me for $2.99 a sqft. since my order with the other tile fell through.  My grandpa always used to say: “It never hurts to ask.  The worse they can say is no.”  I’ve saved some money in the past abiding by this adage so I got up the gumption and politely asked knowing I would completely understand if they said no.  Much to my surprise it was a “sure, we can do that!”  Hooray!  I got one step closer to where I am now (see below)


And now I am ready to decide on paint colors.  I will probably do some form of white of the bottom half and a different color than the current on the top.  I love this part of the process because paint has such an amazing power to transform a space.

Do you want to learn to install a tile backsplash???  It REALLY isn’t very hard!   Basically, if you have ever made a cake, played with mud as a child, or cleaned any kind of surface then you can handle installing a backsplash!  I’m serious.  Check in soon for a step-by-step tutorial!  Anybody else seeing progress in the bathroom???  I mean, with a bathroom makeover you are doing???:-)

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