I have always loved the look of a window encased in a plethora of white molding.  It is especially attention getting when there are 2 or more windows situated side by side and the molding wraps around all of it!  Having the molding fill in all of the space between the windows gives the windows the illusion of being one large window entity.


via Pottery Barn






Decorative Molding can be expensive especially as the width of the molding increases.  In an attempt to recreate this look in my boys’ room (without breaking the bank) I decided to try out a faux/exaggerated method that I had seen done on baseboards and crown molding but not windows.


Below is an exaggerated baseboard.

via Home Depot (tutorial found at this link)

This is where you paint above your existing baseboard white and then add another piece of smaller trim on top.  The paint gives the illusion of a taller baseboard without the price!

I have also seen this successfully accomplished with crown molding.

How to Create a Painted Faux Crown Moulding: After the room makeover

via Home Depot (tutorial for at this link)

So I figured that this method should work for window casings too, right??  I’m happy to inform you that the answer is, yes, indeed it does!

diy exaggerated window casings

Before we bought our home the bedroom contained two windows with no molding or white paint.  The windows looked plain and uninteresting.

Soon after we bought our house I had so many projects that I knew that I wouldn’t be able to get to the boys’ room for awhile.  I did however quickly paint in between and around their windows in white to add some contrast and interest to their windows and room (shown below).

boys room

Now that I am in the process of tackling the boys’ bedroom head on (I’m about 78% done) I decided that it was about time I finished out my faux window casings.

I chose to use the cheapest option of shoe molding.  I found it at Lowes’s for $2.84 for 8 feet.  I needed 4 of them.  So the total cost of the molding was around $12.

shoe molding


Here is how to create faux window casings!

how to exaggerate window casings


cut mitered corners


Nail in shoe molding


caulk shoe molding


Sit back and enjoy your newly cased windows! 🙂

DIY Faux Window Casings


Have you ever used paint to give the illusion of larger woodwork??  I love these kinds of projects where “the look” is achieved for less, a lot less!  If all goes well I’ll have the boys’ bedroom ready to reveal next week! We’ll see. 🙂

diy exaggerated window casings

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