Building a Home

The Exterior Drawing of the House we are Building

Building a House Exterior Rendering

Hello!  I hope everyone had a good Memorial Day!!   Thank you to those who shared their feedback on how often they would like to receive updates on the home we are building!

I wanted to share the survey results:

57.9% said they would like updates every week

24.2% said they would like updates every other week

15.8% said they would like updates once a month

2.1% said they would like updates every other month


So I will try and share updates on our house building process at least a couple times a month if not more.  I know many of you come here to get DIY inspiration and I will be sure to include a DIY type post on a regular basis as well.

This past Thursday they began digging!  It is expected that the house will take 6 months from the dig date to build.  So, if all goes as planned the house should be done around November 24th (around Thanksgiving).


Here is a picture taken on day 1 of digging.  There wasn’t a ton of digging done on this day.  I think they were doing some sewer type stuff.


But after day 2, wow, they had certainly got a lot done!  Then we had the long weekend so I don’t think anything has been done since day 2.


I thought you guys might like seeing the rendering of the house we are building.  It has a very classic style.


Some of the features we are adding to the new home that we don’t have in our current home are a 3 car garage, a larger kitchen, a walk-in pantry, a 2 story great room, a mudroom, a bathroom connected to my daughter’s room (she has 3 brothers so this was important), and a home office for my husband.

My husband started his own business a year and a half ago and it takes up a lot of his time.  I’m hoping having a home office will help us see him a bit more and create a little more work life balance.

There have been a few selection decisions I’ve had to make right away.   These include plumbing fixtures, appliances, windows, garage door, front door, and fireplace.

The plumbing fixtures have been pretty easy to choose.  I really like polished chrome fixtures and lucky for me this finish is the least expensive.


I know polished chrome isn’t for everyone but I love how shiny it is…it reminds me of jewelry and I think it is a pretty detail for bathrooms and kitchens.  I did decide to go widespread on all of the faucets for easier cleaning between the faucet and the on/off handles which was an upgrade I had to pay for.


I also did a small upgrade for having the grids (muntins) in all of the windows of the house not just the front.  And I added transoms (as shown below) to the windows in a little bump out we will have off the kitchen.


Anyways this is my little update for the week!  What is going on in your neck of the woods?  What home projects have you been working on or need to work on?

I hope you have a wonderful week!


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