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38 Go-To Paint Colors for Your Home!

38 Best Go-To Paint Colors

The past several months I’ve been compiling a list of paint colors that I would call the best Go-To-Paint Colors around right now (and likely for very many years to come). 38 Best Go-To Paint Colors I wanted to give you the cliffs notes version to paint colors!  Sometimes the number of paint color options can be enough to make your head spin (in rainbow colors)! It might sound easy enough to pick a paint color but then you have a billion different hues with a billion different undertones and intensities.  It makes me feel anxious just talking about it.:-) This post is meant to help save you time and headaches from paint color option paralysis by giving you 38 tried and true beautiful paint colors to begin with rather than millions! I hope it helps!!  Please feel free to ask questions and if you want to share your favorite go-to paint colors in the comment section I would love to hear them!  

38 Beautiful Go-To Paint Colors


1 Behr Pure White–  This is what I use for all of my trim, doors, and white wood work.  It is a nice clean, pure white.
 Paint BM Pure White Mudroom Hook


2 BM White Dove–  This a VERY popular choice among interior designers for painting trim, cabinetry, etc.
Paint BM White Dove Cabinets


3 SW Alabaster–  This is a nice white for trim and cabinets if you are wanting just a touch of yellow undertones and warmth  It’s white but with a little hint or creaminess.
Paint SW Alabaster


4 BM Simply White– This is an off-white with yellow/green undertones.  I recently used it in my living room and 2 story foyer.  I’ve written a whole post just about this paint color!
Paint BM Simpy White YHL


5 Valspar Tequila Coronada– This off-white is basically a cream color.  I’ve used it in my master bedroom and in the finished part of my basement.  I like it a lot!
Paint Del Coronado Tequila
My Bedroom Paint Color


6 BM Swiss Coffee– This is a nice off-white if you are looking for more brown undertones rather than yellow.
Paint BM Swiss Coffee Tailianko


7 Behr Dophin Fin-  This is a great light to medium gray with no obvious undertones.  We used it in our sons’ bedroom and my friend used it in her laundry room.  It is gorgeous against her crisp white laundry cabinets.
Paint Dolphin Fin Behr Paint Color


8 BM Classic Gray–  This is a beautiful warm light gray!  It is so warm that it is almost “greige” rather than gray.  A lovely backdrop to any room that gets at least some natural light.
Paint Bm Classic Gray


9 SW Light French Gray–  This is a pretty perfect medium gray with no undertones.  I spotted it at Pottery Barn Kids a couple of months ago during their kids story time.  I couldn’t keep my eyes off of it!  It is gorgeous especially against white.
Paint Sherwin Williams Light French Gray


10 BM Stonington Gray–  This is a medium gray color that leans very much on the cool side
Paint BM Stonington gray
Decor Hound via Pinterest
11 Behr Wet Cement–  This is an eye-pleasing dark gray.  When designing our “man-cave” media room I wanted a nice dark gray.  It took me 3 tries before I found this color and it really is a winner!
 Paint Wet Cement
Our Media Room Paint Color


12 BM Cloud Nine–  I recently discovered this color and think it is a beautiful light beige/greige.
Paint BM Cloud Nine


13 BM Revere Pewter– I have a friend who is in the process of painting most of her home this color.  It looks lovely!  A definite medium gray/beige.
Paint BM Revere Pewter


14 SW Rock Candy–  Need a blue-ish gray tinted white?  This is your color!  It is a very subtle, pale blue/gray.


15 BM Ice Cap–   This is a soft powdery blue color but with just enough gray that it doesn’t read too baby boy blue.


16 BM Summer Shower–  This is a gorgeous medium blue!
Paint Medium Blue


17 SW Krypton– This is a striking medium blue with some purple/gray undertones.  A friend of mine recently moved and had much of her home painted in this color.  How did she pick this color?  She had it in her previous home and loved it so much she wanted to use it in her new house too.:-)
Paint Sherwin Williams Krypton Blue


18 BM Mount Saint Anne-  Another beautiful medium blue!
Paint BM Saint Anne Moore


GREEN- Greens with some blue or gray undertones are what I’m drawn too right now.
19 BM Healing Aloe–  I’ve admired this color from a far for awhile now.  It is a light to medium soft green with gray undertones.  I recently added a chair rail and white wainscoting to my upstairs hallway and painted this color on the upper portion.  I love it!


20 SW Sea Salt-  A beautiful sea green.
Paint Sherwin Williams Sea Salt


21 Restoration Hardward Silver Sage–  Another green with a lot of gray hence the name.
 Paint Restoration Hardware Silver Sage Paint Color


22 BM White Aster– A pretty soft, pale pink paint color.
Paint Benjamin Moore White Aster Paint Color
Danielle Oakley Interiors via Pinterest


23 BM Love and Happiness– A lovely medium pink color and I can’t help but love it’s name too!
Paint Benjamin+Moore Love and Happiness


24 Behr Butter– We used this color in my friend Lolly’s master bedroom makeover.  It’s a pale to medium creamy yellow.  It doesn’t demand a lot of attention so works great as a backdrop to other features in a room.
Paint Behr Butter Master Bedroom Photo
via Provident Home Design


25 BM Vanilla Cookies–  Medium tones with a stronger saturation this paint color will brighten any room!
Behr Benjamin Moore Vanilla Cookies


26 BM Weston Flax– This paint color has a touch of brown undertones giving it a subtle medium mustard vibe.
Paint BM Weston Flax


27 BM Hawthorne Yellow– A very deep rich yellow.  Looks amazing for a front door doesn’t it?
Paint Bm Hawthorne Yellow


28 BM Buttered Yam–  If you must do orange this is a good one!  A not too bright medium orange.
Paint BM Buttered Yam Paint Color
BHG via Pinterest


29 BM Dreamy Cloud–  Such a pretty pale purple with a touch of pink undertones.
Paint light Purple color


30 BM Spring Violet–  I really like this medium purple paint color because it is a bit muted giving it a more sophisticated feel.
Paint benjamin moore spring violet


31 BM Hale Navy– This is a true navy but a little toned down so that it doesn’t read overly bold.  A very approachable navy paint color.
Benjamin Moore Hale Navy


32 BM Gentleman’s Gray– This navy has green undertones.  It would look awesome in a man’s office or “man cave” or boys room especially paired with green decor accents.
Benjamin Moore Gentleman's Gray


33 BM Deep Royal–  This is a lighter Navy with no obvious undertones.
 BM Royal Navy Paint Color


34 BM Old Navy–  This a deep Navy, the perfect nautical navy in my opinion.  I used it to paint a furniture piece in my son’s recent bedroom makeover and I love it!


35 Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black– a gorgeous, deep black.  Beautiful on doors and moldings!


36 BM Jet Black– Another beautiful rich black!
BM Jet Black Paint Color


37 BM Caliente– This is a very cheerful red.  A very true red.
Paint BM Caliente Paint Color


 38 BM Deep Rose–  I love this paint color because it reminds me of the perfect deep Christmas red.
Paint BM Deep Rose

After you narrow the colors down to 3 or so for a room try my tip for finding the “right” color for the space the first time!

I hope this cliff notes version to paint colors comes in handy for you–now or in the future!!  Have a wonderful week!  Do you have any go-to favorite paint colors?



38 Best Go-To Paint Colors

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