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Free Abstract Art Printables (and Week 5 ORC Update)

For those who are new to the blog I’ve spent the past 5 weeks remodeling our basement rec room/playroom as a participant of the One Room Challenge.

I can’t believe we only have one week left!!  So far I’ve painted the walls, repurposed some diaper boxes, built a wall storage system, shiplapped a wall, reupholstered an ottoman, created some “I love you” wall art, and made 2 large pillows.

This week was another busy week.  First, we hired someone to fix the electrical problem we had downstairs and to install 6 cans lights in addition to the florescent tube lighting we already have (yay, for more light in the basement!!!)

After that was completed a friend and I installed 4 wide beadboard panels onto the ceiling.  I still need to patch holes and do A LOT of trim work and painting to make it look beautiful but beautiful the ceiling will look!!

DIY Basement Playroom


The hanging chairs I mentioned ordering in the last post arrived and they are now hung (the kids are already enjoying them…and I may or may not have relaxed in them a bit too)!:-)  I hope to find the time this week to make a fabric cover to hide the chains holding them up.

Hanging Chair for Playroom


What I enjoyed working on the most this week was some more DIY artwork for the room.  If you’ve been following the blog for awhile you know how much I love abstract paintings and wall art.  I’ve done a few abstract painting tutorials that you can find, Here.


But this time instead of painting abstracts I created some on the computer using photoshop elements.  The below abstract artwork from West Elm served as my inspiration.


via West Elm for $249

West Elm Abstract

via West Elm for $139-$189


With prices between $189 and $250 each buying them was out of the question!  I was able to create the large framed artwork below for under $30!

Navy, Magenta, Peach, and Aqua Artwork

DIY Printable Artwork


After I created the artwork in photoshop elements my friend Cristie from Skip Rock Inc. printed it out for me.  It was a 16 x 26 print.  I called Staples to see what they would have charged me to print it there and it would have only been $15.

Not a bad price at all for that large of a print!!

I bought a blank canvas from Michael’s (with a 40% off coupon) for $13.  I painted the canvas white and then laid the print down on the canvas while the paint was still wet and let it dry.

Then I nailed 1×2 furring strips (total $3) to the canvas to create the frame.  With left over glaze I had on hand I quickly wiped on and wiped off glaze from the frame to darken the wood just a bit.  You could also paint the frame white or whatever color you wanted to!

DIY Artwork


Like I mentioned before I had some fun (maybe too much fun) playing around with creating art in photoshops elements.  I created the 6 designs below and want to share them with you.  You can click on the corresponding numbered link below to download the image.

6 Free Abstract Printables


1/2/3/ 4/ 5/ 6


Once you download the image you can print them out on your own printer or you can save the file on a  flash drive and take it to Staples or a similar store to get it printed out (they can change it’s size to whatever you want).


If you download all of them you could create a gallery wall similar to the one below.



Or just a couple of larger ones.  The options are vast!


I might print up a couple of smaller ones to accessorize the new bookshelves in the basement.  Well, just a week away from the reveal deadline and a lot to do still, so I best be on my way!  Thanks so much for being here!  It means a lot!!:-)


p.s. You can check out the other ORC participants Week 5 progress, Here.


6 Free Abstract Art Printables!

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