If it hasn’t started for you already I’m sure it will soon.  What will start soon??  The ensuing trickle of Holiday cards in the mail, of course!;-)  It is the only time of year I get “good” mail and I love it!

Instead of placing the Holiday greetings I receive in a stack on the counter (like I use to do) I love using them as festive Holiday home décor.

Over the past couple of years I have hung lighted greenery around our powder bathroom door in the hallway and have added the Christmas greetings cards we receive with double-sided tape around the door. It is fun to see how each day the doorway becomes more and more full of color and happy reminders of loved ones.

Displaying Christmas Cards

Ways to display Christmas Cards



This year I was inspired to try a new way of displaying our cards.  As I was flipping through the winter Pottery Barn catalog I came across the space below.  There is much to love about the photo– the stone, the oversized windows, and the layered bedding exuding a Christmas vibe.  But what stood out to me the most was the wreath above the bed which is comprised of a collection of Holiday cards.

Pottery Barn Card Wreathvia Pottery Barn


How cheerful I thought!  I can’t think of a better way to keep friends and loved ones close to your heart during the Holidays than to display their season sentiments in a Holiday wreath.

Pottery Barn’s Wreath Card Holder was $49 (but is apparently no longer available).  I have an easy, $5  DIY version to share with you today!


How to Display Christmas Cards

DIY Christmas Card Wreath

Christmas Card Wreath


I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up this ready to finish wreath for $5.  It was originally  $9.99 but was 50% off  (if it is not on sale when go you can always use the 40% coupon they always have available on their website).  I bought the big 24 inch size but there are also smaller sized options available

DIY Christmas Wreath


This particular wreath is perfect for the this project because it is double-wired in two different places.  You can see in the photo below that I am pulling apart the wires.

Ways to Display Christmas Cards


All you have to do is slip the cards in between the wires and it will hold the card in place.

DIY Wreath Card Displayer

Make a Wreath Card Holder


It may require some tweaking and playing around with where the cards fit and look best.  There may be areas where you want a card to be but there is a metal fastener in the way.  In those cases I just used double sided tape to keep the card adhered to the wreath.

You can add ribbon and hang it up or it also looks cute (and is a bit more accessible) propped up on a chair.

DIY Christmas Card Wreath Holder


I used my parents Christmas cards from last year to experiment with this method of displaying.  They had kept theirs, I hadn’t.   I hate throwing them away but I worry about hanging on to too much “stuff”.   Do you keep the Christmas cards you receive each year?  If so, how do you store them.

Holiday Wreath Card Display


I hope you enjoyed this overall simple DIY wreath card holder.  I will be back with some fun posts next week.  Have a great weekend!


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