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Abstract Art in Traditional Design

A current trend I’m seeing these days is abstract canvas art.  Abstract canvas art is not new on the scene for design styles such as modern and eclectic but I have been surprised at how common it has become in the traditional decorating arena.

What comes to mind when I think of traditional artwork is a very orderly print in a nice frame not an expressive painting done in bold hues on stretched canvas.  However, here are some examples of traditional spaces breaking the mold and showcasing abstract canvas art.




Atlanta Homes



Soothing bedroom design with blue walls paint color, Crate & Barrel Colette bed, built-in window seat, cushion, capiz chandelier, blue abstract canvas painting, and glossy black geometric garden stool.

 Bella Mancini Design via Decorpad






Wisteria - Mirrors & Wall Decor - Wall Art & Decor - Wall Art - Pastoral Impression Wall Art


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Andrew Howard Interior Design via Decorpad


I must admit, I’m one of those annoying people who when they see abstract art pieces often says, “oh, I could have done that”!    I’m going to finally put my money where my mouth is and try it–for reals–like tonight!  I’ve picked out a $329 abstract canvas art piece that I’m going to try and replicate for $20.  Come back for either a great tutorial or a good laugh!  Hoping it will be a tutorial!:-)


So what do you think?  Does abstract canvas art fit with this style?   Or do you think it’s a little too artsy fartsy for the historically classic, calm traditional genre????


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