We had my side of the family’s family reunion this past week. I thought I was going to be able to post during it but it was so jam packed with activities, conversation, and family fun I wasn’t able to (that means you’ll get two posts this week instead of one).:-)  It was so nice to spend time with my siblings and their families (some that I hadn’t seen for 4 years)!

We hosted a cookout Thursday night and I was able to complete our patio makeover just in the knick of time.

We’ve been in our house now for a little over 3 years.

When we came to look at the house for the first time the back patio looked like this.

exterior home tour

It had great bones but wasn’t being used to its fullest.

I knew the patio had the potential to become an outdoor oasis but we couldn’t afford to buy outdoor furniture for it right away. We used an outdoor glider that we already had and slowly filled the space with good deals and repurposed garage sale finds.

exterior house tour


Over the past year I’ve babysat my friend’s daughter after school and all day during this Summer (so I’ve had 5 kids under the age of 9 years old).:-/  I decided before the summer began that I was going to use some of the money that I’ve made from watching my friend’s daughter to invest in some comfortable outdoor furniture and hopefully create an outdoor oasis.

I was shocked to see the prices on outdoor furniture! It was discouraging!


I fell in love with this wicker sectional from Pottery Barn but at $3,671 it was not an option!


via Pottery Barn

I found several other nice wicker sectionals, chairs, and couches but most ranged from $1000 to $3000.  I couldn’t even find a good option on Overstock.com.  This 4-piece costs $1150!  Not in my budget.Rimini-by-Beliani-Resin-Wicker-Patio-Sofa-Set-77a58030-46cc-4dd5-8165-cbf20c696805_600

via Overstock

I even checked on Craigslist but everyone must have paid a ton for their outdoor furniture because they wanted to sell it for a ton too!

So when I saw an ad from World Market saying their outdoor furniture was going to be half off on Memorial Day Weekend I went to check it out!

The reviews for the Solano all-weather wicker sectional were good but I wanted to check it out in person. Sure enough it was comfy and for a total of $650 I brought it home.

The furniture was easy to put together and it’s been just what I was hoping for!

So here are my patio makeover Afters (I’ll share sources at the end):

World Market Outdoor Patio Furniture

World Market Outdoor Furniture

Patio Decor on a Budget

Back Patio Oasis

Outdoor Patio Slipper Chair

Patio Furniture on a Budget

Outdoor Oasis

Patio Decorating Tips

Budget Patio Makeover

Budget Patio Table

Decorating a Patio

Budget Patio Chairs

How to decorate a Patio

Pink Peonies

Our backyard backs up to 4+ acres of land that our neighborhood association owns. So far there are no plans to do anything with it which makes it extra private and relaxing to be on our patio.




As with all my makeovers this was done on a tight budget!  Here is a list of the patio item sources and prices (bought over the past 3 years).  You may not be able find the exact same item but it will at least help you see how I went about doing it on a budget.

World Market Outdoor Patio Furniture


Lounge Seating- Solano Outdoor Sectional (I have the ‘sectional’ pulled apart…I like how you can vary the setup)- World Market $650

Coffee Table- Free from neighbor (see explantation, HERE)

Greek Key Rug- Rugs USA, $85

Round Mirror Side Table- Homegoods, $30

Large Gray Planters- DIY Tutorial Here, $25 each

Window Box Planter- Tutorial to Come, $5

Pillows on Couch- Used pillows I already had and covered them with outdoor fabric from JoAnn Fabrics, $4 each

Blue and White Vase w/ aftificial plant- a Stager’s Sale- $12

3 Light Blue Candles- a Stager’s Sale- $3

Large Palm Plant- Free from friend getting rid of it

Rose Tree- Home Depot, $20 (lots of bushes are half off right now)

Budget Patio Makeover

Outdoor Pottery Barn Chatham Table- Pottery Barn Outlet, $110 (lucky steal found it in September so look then)

Umbrella Stand- Pottery Barn Outlet, $35 (bought the same day I bought the table)

Umbrella- Wayfair, $40

3 Wooden Chairs- Were originally painted blue and out for trash pick up in the neighborhood, Free

2 Metal End Chairs- Walmart, $11 a piece

Wooden Bench- Was a sofa table at a garage sale that I cut down to be a bench, $5

Pillows- bought at garage sale for $1 a piece and then covered with outdoor fabric from JoAnn Fabrics, $5

Blue Décor Lanterns on Table- a Stager’s Sale, $6 a piece

Black Wire Plant Holder- Garage sale, $2

Brown Kenmore Outdoor Grill- Sears, $269.99  (we’ve loved this grill, btw)

Brown and Off White Houndstooth Rug- Overstock, $40 (Discontinued)

Light Blue Wooden Utilities Cover-Up- DIY Tutorial HERE, $12

Medium Plant- Walmart, $12

2 Blue Ceramic Planters- Homegoods, $25 each

**There are affiliate links included in this post which means if you purchase something from a link I may receive a very small commission  from the sale.:-)

Let me know if I forgot any items!  I’ll be back soon to share a fun and informative interview!!   Have a good one and don’t forget once you create your outdoor oasis to take the time to enjoy it!!:-)





Patio Makeover on a Budget

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