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DIY Gold Chevron Glassware

What is better than gold accent pieces and chevron patterns? ¬† Why gold chevron accent pieces of course! ūüôā When I spied this lovely gold chevron glasses set in Decorating Delirium’s post on Mother’s Day Gift Ideas I fell in love at first sight.

the original chevron glass set


Only problem was I¬†couldn’t justify the purchase of¬†$54 when I already had a perfectly fine glasses set in my cupboard. ¬†But after seeing this pimped¬†out glasses set my plain clear ones looked so sad and boring.¬†¬† I had already requested a Homegoods gift card for Mother’s Day so it being gifted to me was not an option in my mind.

After much thought and lusting I decided to do a little experiment on my very basic, 10 year old wedding gift juice glasses.  Worse case scenario was that I would ruin the glasses and then I could justify buying a new set (a gold chevron set of course)!;-)

The Before & After

Before and after


¬†I got out my handy gold nail polish and chevroned ¬†away. ¬†Craft stores also carry gold metallic glass paint which would work perfectly for this project.¬† Walmart has it Here for $3.66.¬† I chose to go with a custom hand-painted look so I painted without painters tape. If you aren’t so adventurous you can cut painters tape to the width you want your chevron lines to be distanced apart.

If you are in need of a well priced clear glasses set for this project I’ve located some here and here.¬† And¬†I wouldn’t be surprised if the dollar store had some in stock!¬† None of these links are affiliate or sponsored products by the way,¬†just sharing some helpful sources with you!;-)


cut tape

And then tape the glass in a chevron pattern.


tape in chevron pattern


Next you would paint directly next to both sides of the tape.




After the paint dries you can carefully pull off the painters tape.¬† I’ve enjoyed my newly painted glasses so much!¬† It’s the little things sometimes that makes the heart happy.


the plate of yummies2


Like watching your 3 year old devour a plate of goodies


Eating Strawberry_edited-1


and DIY painted chevron glassware!


DIY chevron glass2


These would be great to give as a wedding gift.  What other fun patterns would look good??? The possibilities are endless.

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