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21 Clever Home Decor Projects Made with Fabric

DIY Home Decor Projects Made with Fabric

Hello!  Last week I shared with you some of my go-to places for finding inexpensive, attractive home decor fabric (if you missed it you can find it, Here)!  As promised, this week I am back with a comprehensive list of home decor projects you can create with FABRIC!

If you are not a sew-er that’s okay many of these projects do not require sewing and the one’s that do I made sure the tutorials were very thorough and easy to follow.

So let’s begin!!

21 Home Decor Projects Made with Fabric

1. Roman Shades-  I found this tutorial for roman shades several years ago, before I had a blog.  When we first moved into our home and I was trying to make the cherry cabinets work.   I thought maybe some light colored window fabric shades would balance the dark wood cabinets out nicely.

I used this tutorial and the roman shades turned out great!  However, I ended up not liking them for the space (and painting the cabinets white) and gave them to a friend but I would definitely use the tutorial again if I ever had a space that calls for roman shades.

Roman Shades Tutorial

via 365 Days 2 Simplicity


2. Fabric Shower Curtain–  Jessica from Mad in Crafts put together a great tutorial for making your own fabric shower curtain, Here.  I really love when the shower curtain length is long enough to hit the floor.  I have found that store bought ones often aren’t long enough!  Making your own is a great solution!
How to make a fabric shower curtain


3. Poufs– Despite their funny sounding name poufs have been quite the trend as of late.:-)  They are great for foot rests and extra seating (my little ones love using our poofs as gaming or “movie” chairs).  You can check out the tutorial, Here.
DIY Pouf Tutorial
 via HGTV


4. Drapes-  I think Chelsea from Two Twenty One did a great job sewing blackout curtains for her son’s nursery!  You can find the detailed tutorial, Here.
diy project using fabric


5. Pillow Covers– Pillow covers are one of my favorite ways to use fabric in home decor.  I’ve diy-ed pillow covers in a variety of ways but Krista’s  tutorial from the Happy Housie is one of my favorite (because it’s so quick).


6. Fabric Accent Wall- I was kind of blown away when I started seeing tutorials about people applying fabric to their walls.  I haven’t tried it but it seems like a plausible option if you don’t want to deal with wall paper!  Sherri from Young House Love’s  provides a great tutorial, Here.
How to put Fabric on walls


7. Fabric Storage Baskets–  Storage baskets can come in handy for closets, playrooms, the pantry, and pretty much anywhere in the home where you want keep things organized.  This fabric storage basket is a super cute option (and here is another option).
How to Build a Fabric Storage Basket


8. Framed Fabric Wall Decor–  When I saw the below wall decor collection being sold at Pottery Barn I immediately thought how easy it would be to create the same look using fabric.

The Look for Less Home Decor

via Pottery Barn

Just purchase a frame with a mat included (you can find them for under $10 at JoAnn Fabrics) and then add your choice of fabric.   Use spray adhesive or fabric glue to adhere the fabric to the frame’s backing and voila!

How to Decorate a Man Cave
The picture propped up on top othe bookshelf was created with fabric.


9. Stretched Fabric Wall Decor–  If you ever want to make a big statement with fabric on your wall then this is the tutorial for you!  When I spotted the fabric below online I knew if would be the perfect pattern for my boys’ shared bedroom!  In this tutorial I provide step by step instructions on how to turn fabric into framed canvas wall art!


10. Upholstered Headboard–  I’m a big fan of upholstered headboards!  When you DIY them you can choose what fabric you want and you don’t have to go solid.  I’ve seen some really cute patterned ones.  You can view the tutorial I used for my boys upholstered headboards, Here.

DIY Faux Tufted Headboard



11. Fabric Covered Bulletin Board-  I love the chic look of this bulletin board covered in fabric and nailhead!  It would be perfect for an office, bedroom, or command center!


12. Pet Bed This no-sew pet bed is super cute and stylish!  Bring style and pattern to your home with a comfy place for your pet to relax.


13. Hanging Book Storage-  When I spotted this on Pinterest awhile back I just had to go check it out!  If you have a blank space on your wall and you need a place to put books or organize papers consider this fabric hanging book storage tutorial.
Hanging-fabric book-holder


14. Quilts–  I love this fresh, modern triangle quilt!  Quilts are often used for bedding but they can also be hung on the wall as decor or showcased on a couch!
Triangle Fabric Quilt Tutorial


15. Reupholster Chair– I can sew straight lines but I’m not a big sew-er.  So the fact that I reupholstered a few side chairs for my living room was kind of a big deal to me.  Use this step by step tutorial to add fabric to worn or updated chairs.

How to Reupholster a Chair


16. Seat Cushion-  Another way you can add fabric to chairs is through seat cushions.  These are great in kitchens where at the seats are often wooden and a bit hard on the tush.  I love how Susan’s (from Morning Stitch) DIY chair pad turned out!  You can check out her tutorial, Here.
fabric chair pad tutorial


17. Table Runner–  A fabric table runner in your kitchen or dining room may just be what the space is calling for.    Jena shares an easy no-sew table runner tutorial at her blog Involving Color.
How to Make a Fabric Table Runner


18. Bed skirt- I would never have thought I could make my own bed skirt until I came across this tutorial!   You can check it out, Here.
 How to Make a Bed Skirt out of Fabric
 via HGTV


19. Hider/Cover-  Another great way to use fabric in home decor is for hiding less aesthetically pleasing places in your home.   For example in my home we have our cat’s litter box located under the utility sink in the laundry room.  It is quite the eye (and nose) sore when you walk into the laundry room.
So I used some inexpensive fabric and elastic to create a sink skirt and now we don’t ever have to see the litter box unless we are cleaning it!
The DIY Show Off explains how she created a table skirt to hide her “not so pretty” storage under the table in her craft room.
Fabric Under Table Hider


20. Accent Rug– Say what?  Yep, a rug made out of upholstery fabric!  Here is the tutorial.  I am dying to try this one out to see if it really works!  Have any of you tried this before?
How to Make a Rug from Fabric


21. Fabric Lampshade– Finally, adding fabric to an existing plain or unattractive lampshade is a simple way to upscale your decor.  Here is an easy to follow video tutorial from Better Homes and Gardens!
how to add fabric to lampshaded
via BHG


Fabric truly can go a long way in creating a more custom, beautiful home!  I hope you enjoyed these ideas (and feel free to pin the image below as a resource for future fabric projects)!  As always thanks for being here and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!:-)


21 Home Decor Projects Made with Fabric

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