Kids and Guest Bathroom Reveal

Hey Guys!  The kids/guest bathroom is done and just in time as our house guests arrive tonight! As with all of the makeovers I do this one is no exception it includes lots of budget friendly ideas and DIYs that I  can’t wait to share!

Let’s refresh our memory of what the bathroom looked like BEFORE.  Very builder basic!

Kids Bath

And here is the AFTER!

Kids Bathroom Reno

Kids Bathroom Makeover-After

So let’s talk about the room and what each element cost!  After studying the inspiration photos I had for the room  I knew I wanted to paint the vanity green.  You can view all 9 of my inspiration photos, Here.

I ended up trying and loving Behr’s Alkyd Semi-gloss Enamel for painting the vanity.  I’m happy to report that unlike many special enamels this one only cost $32 for the gallon!  You can learn all about how to paint bathroom cabinetry like a professional, Here.

Kids and Guest Bathroom Maveover on a Budget

The DIY board and batten wood trim treatment on the walls cost around $50 and creates a lovely backdrop that allows the colors in the room to really pop.  The upper section of the wall is painted Benjamin Moore Buxton Blue.  I got the free pint of paint from a coupon in one my home magazines.

Kids and Guest Bathroom Makeover


The gold ladder towel holder is a DIY that I made from leftover wood from previous projects and gold spray paint and cost me next to nothing!  Tutorial found HERE.

Kids Bathroom


This fun wall art was absolutely free!  I got the free triangle printable from The DIY Mommy, Here.   It comes in a larger size but I just cropped mine to fit a normal 8 x 11.5 piece of typing paper and printed out right from my printer.

The frame was one I had gotten from Walmart a few years ago  for $5 and that I was no longer using.  The frame was black so I painted it white with the paint I already had for the walls.

Free Printable Wall Decor


I have two new hand towels rolled up in a basket on the vanity countertop.  They are from Target and are $9.99 each.

Kids Bathroom Makeover


In the reflection of the mirror you can see the kids’ hooded towels hung up in a row.

Green Painted Cabinets


Just before having my first baby a friend taught me how to make these hooded towels and I have made one for each of my children.  They all have their own color and even my 8 year old still loves wrapping up in it after his shower.  They are made from a Walmart towel and hand towel so they were under $10 to make per hood towel!

DIY Hooded Towels


The shower curtain is a DIY I created from a tablecloth that I had purchased  at Homegoods for $12.99.  I love the length of it and particularly how it hits the floor.

DIY Shower Curtain from Tablecloth


The flooring (you can find Here) is a peel and stick vinyl that I installed right over the previous vinyl floors.  All the info on it is below and for me came to $60.  I really like how it looks and feels.  For a great discussion on the pros and cons of vinyl flooring read, Here.

Oyster Travertine Vinyl Tiles

Let’s just pretend I spelled travertine right!;-)


Okay, guys, here’s the final kicker!  Remember how I mentioned I was trying out a DIY window treatment that I had been wanting to do for years??  Well, I tried it and it worked!  I made plantations shutters!  I have drooled over plantation shutters for a long time but they are WAY too expensive for me to purchase.

So after lots and lots of research I figured out how to make them and without buying any fancy tools!  I tell ALL about it HERE!  The cost to make the shutter was $60 which believe it or not is just a fraction of what it would have cost to buy it.


Kids Bathroom Blue and Green


I am definitely loving the “new” kids bathroom and hope our guests feel comfortable in the room as well!  So what was the total cost of the bathroom makeover??  With paint, supplies, floors and everything the cost rang into be about $245.  Considering that just the plantation shutters alone would have  been at least that much I’m content with the total cost of the makeover.

Bathroom Makeover

I hope you enjoyed this makeover!  Til next time!:-)


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110 thoughts on “Kids and Guest Bathroom Reveal

  1. Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos

    What a great makeover, and affordable too. I love your new plantation shutter and would love to have your tutorial on it. They are super expensive and yours looks sooo good for a fraction of the price! Oh and I too like vinyl flooring and prefer it in my bathrooms over hardwood or tile. Its so much easier to change out as your tastes change and of course holds up better to water than wood flooring. Good choice. The bathroom looks great!

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  3. jaxdecor

    This is such a great makeover! Love the colours that you used and the board & batten on the walls. The trim around the window really gives it some presence. And I’m very impressed that you made your own plantation shutter!

  4. Lisa

    Absolutely beautiful! Love the board and batten. The peel and stick tile looks very expensive and like real tile. I am going to replace the ugly linoleum in my laundry room and in our in-law kitchenette with something similar.

  5. paperworx4seniors2

    Your use of gorgeous green on vanity and light blue on walls over batten is exquisite. It’s so soft and soothing, love it. The art echoes the colors also. Shower curtain pretty much matches colors in room. Good for you using a tablecloth and shows us a gorgeous bathroom is possible without breaking bank. And your floor, I would love to have vinyl flooring.. We have ceramic tile and with no foundation under our mfg. home it’s chilling cold in winter. Hate them. Have to wear my ugh boots even in carpeted rooms. Ceramic tile is like walking on ice all winter.
    I have to see how you made a plantation shutter.
    I’ve used table cloths for curtains and pillow covers, table runners, finding some on sale makes for great deal. No hemming when used as curtain. Depending on cloth I line them often, quick to do.
    I would love to have your bathroom, it’s so gorgeous. Happy week and enjoy season

    1. Tamara Post author

      I’m not a big fan of walking on ceramic tile barefoot either–it is hard and cold! We must have similar sensitive feet because I where shoes in the house too, even on the carpet.:-) Thanks for coming by today!!:-)

  6. Jena @ Involving Color

    Tamara, wow, your bathroom turned out great! We’re planning on using peel and stick vinyl tile in an upcoming bathroom reno too. The one you picked is one of the choices we are considering, and it looks so good! I’m a big fan of alkyd acrylic paints too, and I didn’t realize that Behr made one – I’ll definitely be checking that out. The paint colors you chose look perfect, and I’d love to feature this on Involving Color. Let me know if you’re interested!

    1. Tamara Post author

      Hi, Jena! I’ve been so happy with the vinyl flooring I installed! I can’t wait to see your bathroom reno when it’s done! You always do such a great job with your renos! Yes, I would be happy for you to feature my bathroom on your blog!:-)

    1. Tamara Post author

      Hi, Sandra, thanks for the question! I did the board and batten by painting the walls white in a Semi Gloss paint. Then I used 1 1/4 inch wide mdf lattice trim that I found at Lowes. It is very thin so it doesn’t hang over the baseboards. I installed the top ledge first and then added the lattice trim every 11 inches. Then i painted the walls again including the new trim. Please let me know if you have any further questions!:-)

  7. Jenny @ FamilyBees

    I’m visiting from Better After. 🙂 This is really beautiful. It’s inspiring to me because I love those colors, and our hall bathroom looks very similar (sadly, minus the window, though). I’ve been thinking about painting our vanity green, but I wasn’t sure how it would look with our countertops (which I think are identical to yours). It looks great!

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  9. mandydaugherty09

    Wow!! Gorgeous!!! Just about to start my bathroom update as well and the tip about the deglosser will be helpful! Did you do anything to the countertops? They look white in the 2nd photo. If you did, what was it you used?? I NEED to do something about those contractor grade counters!!

    1. Tamara Post author

      Thanks, Mandy! The countertops are the original ones–they are kind of cream-ish and are a cultured marble slab. Cultured marble is an inexpensive, durable option if real marble isn’t in the budget. Thanks for coming by today!

  10. Kimberly

    Absolutely beautiful! My bedroom is a similar color scheme. I am searching for the “perfect” curtains and this tablecloth is perfect! Do you happen to know the brand/name?

    1. Tamara Post author

      Hi, Michelle, thanks for the question! I haven’t done a tutorial on this but here is the steps I took. I did the board and batten by painting the walls white in a Semi Gloss paint. Then I used 1 1/4 inch wide mdf lattice trim that I found at Lowes. It is very thin so it doesn’t hang over the baseboards. I installed the top ledge first and then added the lattice trim every 11 inches. Then i painted the walls again including the new trim. Please let me know if you have any further questions!:-)

  11. Julie

    I found your bathroom pin on Tuesday and went that night and bought the vinyl floor. I’ve done both my bathrooms since then. It was exactly what I’ve been looking for to finish a DIY bathroom update. Thanks so much!

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  13. Wendy

    I noted That the words ” dreaded oak”, were used… I have oak in my guest bath. Why us oak dreaded, and what concerns should I have? Is there a particular brand of deglosser to use? I am planning on going with an espresso for my bathroom vanity. I like your results, so I’m feeling like I can do this… ! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Tamara Post author

      Hi, Wendy! Thanks for asking for clarification. I say dreaded because my last home was a townhouse styled condo that was built in 1994. It had two bathrooms with oak cabinetry and a kitchen with oak cabinetry. At the same time we had lots of furniture that was oak too. I came to a point where I felt like I was living in a sea of oak (being a bit dramatic) and I was feeling like I was drowning. I think the excessive amount of oak I lived with mad me strongly dislike it, that’s why I say “dreaded oak”. Some people may see oak as a bit dated but not everyone. If you like it in your guest bath then keep it.:-) I don’t have a specific brand of deglosser to recommend. There are only a few choices at Home Depot and any of them should work well. You can totally do this!!! Espresso will be beautiful!!

  14. DocSweetie

    HiYa Tamara…
    My daughter adores the colour you used in your bathroom project, is it possible that you mention the colour used by Behr.
    . KUDOs also on a job well done!!
    Thank you in advance 🙂

    1. Tamara Post author

      Hi, Margo, yep it’s the exact same countertop! It’s always been a cream countertop but before all the warm undertones around it brought out the yellow in the cream. Now with the green, blues, and whites (cool hues) in the room I think it brings out more of the white in the cream. Amazing what changing up color schemes can do!

  15. Meredith Michener

    Wow! I have the same type of builders grade bathroom for my kids and guests. You have really inspired me. I absolutely love the board and batten and can’t wait to try it this winter! Great job! And thanks for all the details and links. They will be very helpful. Great blog post!

  16. Brenda

    Okay I read through all the comments and no one asked you about the “oh so cute” boys hooded towels – love to make one for my nephew. Can you share the instructions. BTW your ideas are spot on and can’t wait to use some of them.

  17. Nancy

    Last night, I bought Rustoleum Light Color Cabinet Transformations. I had read some reviews and thought it sounded like a great product. After doing more research (duh! After I bought the product!) it seems like it might not be the best way to go. Can anyone help me? I am not sure how “deglossed ” the cabinets are supposed to be. Ugh! Thank you in advance for any and all help you can give me.

    1. Tamara Post author

      Hi, Nancy, I used Rustoleum Transformations for my kitchen cabinet. I’ve been happy with it! I agree that the deglossing step is hard to tell if you are doing it “right”. I just followed the instructions and although I expected to see more of the stain rub off onto the rag I just trusted what needed to be done had been done. I agree though you don’t see a lot of difference after deglossing!

  18. Danalee Gascon

    Good morning Tamara, wow, just found your site and love your stuff and creativity! My questions, how high are your ceilings in the bath, 2. how wide is your header and 3. how high off the floor did you start your header? Hope that makes sense. Also do you do the carpentry? I am from Alberta, Canada and can’t wait to get started on my bath. If it turns out, I will send a pic. Thank you.

    1. Tamara Post author

      Hi Danalee! I just wanted to let you know that I got your comment and want to respond but I can’t find my tape measurer anywhere! I’m pretty sure my ceiling upstairs are 8ft tall. I did the woodwork in the bathroom myself. I think my header is about 3.5 to 4 inches. Once I find my tape measurer I will get back with you about the rest!

    1. Tamara Post author

      Thank you, Dorothy!! It is actually a decorative floating shelf that I wasn’t using anymore. I had the idea of using it over the window as a cornice but wasn’t sure if it would fit. It ended up fitting perfectly–lucky break!! I got mine from Kohl’s but I know there are DIY tutorials out there for them. Here is one, if you are interested.

  19. Marianne Falk

    Hi Tamara! I stumbled upon your blog through Pinterest….I was looking for pickling recipes, then well, it’s Pinterest. Anyway, my kids’ bathroom is in desperate need and now I’m inspired!

    So it looks like this renovation was a couple years ago so my question is, how is the vinyl stick on floor holding up? It looks fabulous and its something I can work into a budget but I’m concerned how it will hold up to the humidity of a bathroom with a shower. Thanks!

  20. Hannah

    Wow. What a beautiful job! I just discovered your blog today and have already learned so much. I’m wondering if you removed the old bathroom tile before putting the laminate on top. If not, how has it held it? I would really love to go right on top of our tile, if possible. Thanks in advance!

    1. Tamara Post author

      I’m glad you are enjoying the blog, Hannah!! We never had tile in this bathroom just a vinyl sheet. Because the vinyl sheet was completely flat I was able to just install the new peel and stick vinyls right over it. I have read mixed reviews about installing vinyl over tile. The two concerns people have are one it will increase the height of the floor so you have to make sure doors and the toilet with still work with the increased height. Second concern people mention is that sometimes the grout between tiles is not the same height as the tiles and that can show up through the vinyl and look bad. But it can definitely still work! Here is a link to a good article that explains how to remedy these two concerns. Hope this helps!!

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