Why We Might Build a New Home This Year

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that we are thinking about moving and building a home this year.  I’ve had a few questions about it and thought it might be best to talk more about it in a post in case there are others who are wondering why and the world we would move after having spent the past almost 6 years making this house into our home!

Since I was a kid I’ve loved homes and home architecture.  As early as nine years old my sister and I would use graph paper to draw out our dream bedrooms and home floor plans.  I remember at that age my dream room had a swing and four steps up to another level.

My dream bedroom and floor plans have changed since then but not my desire to create and build a home for myself and my family.

A little over six years ago we were very close to building our dream home but at the last minute I felt like it would be too financially taxing on our family and we decided to purchase the home we have now.  It is an incredible story (if you haven’t read it yet you can read it, HERE).

Even though when we bought this house we knew it was the place we were suppose to be my dream to someday design and build my dream home for our family continued on (and believe me I’ve tried to make this desire go away…I do not like spending money).  Over the past six years we have been frugal and have worked hard to save money with the hopes of someday building our dream home.

All the while I’ve been working hard bringing our current home to a place where I can say it’s beautiful and that it feels like home!  This was extremely important to me as I didn’t know the future and if my dream would ever be realized.

I am a homebody and I am very affected by my visual surroundings so how my home looks influences my well-being.

This might seem materialistic to some people and I can understand why they would feel that way but for me I know that materialism is not my motivation for having a beautiful home or for my dream of building a home.

We are still actively in the decision-making process about whether take this building opportunity we have or not. So,  for those who pray, will you keep us in our thoughts and prayers?  Ultimately I want to do the will of our Heavenly Father.  I have a strong testimony that he hears our prayers and guides our lives (in His way not in our ways).

If we didn’t move to our current home I would have never started a blog because I wouldn’t have had so many DIY projects that I wanted to share with others!  There are people that I have met and become friends with from living in this home that have changed my life!

I know we were guided here and I am hopeful we will continue to be guided.

For my readers who have had questions I hope this helps answers some of them!  I appreciate you for caring enough to ask!  I will of course keep you posted!

I will be back next week to share a tip that will help make figuring out the best furniture layout for your rooms so much easier!

Hope you have a great weekend!:-)


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