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DIY Pet Feeder- 3 Different Style Options!

DIY Wood Pet Feeder

Today I am sharing a DIY that has been a game changer in our home (particularly for our laundry room)!  Ever since I laid eyes on a wooden pet feeder I’ve wanted one (but man they can be expensive)!

DIY Pet Feeder


I love their clean, streamlined, sophisticated look!  Before this DIY (for years and years) our cat used a mat with mismatching food and water bowls atop.

Not to mention several half chewed food crumbs surrounding the outside of the bowl (I hope your not reading this while eating lunch)!:-)

Whenever I came into the laundry room where we keep our cat “stuff” I was kind of “eh” about what I saw but now after making a feeder i’m like “oh, yeah”!

DIY Wood Pet Feeder

My cat must like it too because she no longer eats like a ravenous pig!  It’s so pretty that she must want to keep it clean because seriously overnight– no more gross crumbs!  Okay, or maybe the more plausible reason is because it’s height is now a more comfortable level to eat at.:-)

So I came up with not 1 but 3 different pet feeder plans (I just kept dreaming them up–all those half eaten crumbs had really gotten to me over the years)!:-)

You can check out the options in the gif below–Rustic, Modern, or Traditional!


DiY Pet Feeder Plans

Which version do you like the best???

I am over at Remodelaholic today sharing the DIY plans for the Rustic and Modern pet feeders  (complete with video)!  Head on over there with this link if you prefer the modern chic or rustic versions!

On my site today I will be sharing a quick run down of how to make the Tradtional version.  On a few of the steps I will refer you to my Remodelaholic post because I show it in detail there.

So Let’s Begin!

1.  Cut a piece of 1/2″ or 3/4″ thick wood (I used a left over piece of melamine) to 8″ x 15″. 
Note:  This is a good size for a cat feeder but for a dog feeder try 11″ x 21″.

2.  To make the the large holes where the bowls go please see this Remodelaholic post, it explains it in detail!
Note:  Your holes don’t have to be perfect since the bowls will be sitting inside and hide imperfections!;-)

3. Now we will be making a border around the top of the feeder.  Using a piece of trim (I used lattice trim)  cut 2 pieces of trim to exactly 8″ (or 11″ if you are making this for a dog).

4.  Now cut 2 pieces of trim to the length of your feeder plus the thickness of your trim times 2 (don’t worry it will make sense in a minute).


For example my lattice trim was only 1/4 inch thick (you can see it in the photo below).  1/4 times two is 1/2 inch.  The length of my cat feeder is 15 inches so I added 1/2 an inch and cut 2 pieces of trim to 15.5″.

5.  Next line the trim up as shown below and nail the trim into the side of the top piece.

Nail Trim to Pet Feeder


6.  For a more finished look and protection against water damage caulk along where the trim and top piece meet.

How to Make a Wooden Pet Feeder


7.  Now for the legs of the feeder.  I found the legs for mine at Menard’s (Lowe’s and Home Depot should have something similar).  They were a bit too long and not the right shape so I cut them off at the 6 inch mark as shown below.

DIY Pet Feeder


8.  I attached the legs using Liquid Nails.  I applied the Liquid Nails to the top of the legs and place the top piece on top of the legs making sure it was lined up nicely and let it dry for 24 hours before handling.


9.  Now slip the bowls into the holes and your done (oh, except for painting or staining to your desire)!  I found well priced bowls at Menard’s but you can also find them on Amazon for a great price too (the Remodelaholic post has a link to the Amazon ones).

Where to get pet bowls for feeder


I knew I would love having a wood pet feeder but it’s truly been a game changer for us!  Do you see a DIY Pet Feeder in your future?  If so, which version??

Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions!  And feel free to pin for later and share with all your animal loving friends!:-)

Til next time!!



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How to Make a Pet Feeder

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