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Blog Tour and Baseboards

Today we have our hired helper coming out to fix the area of hardwood floors that was damaged by a water leak the day after it was installed! Once that it done we will finally be able to put our furniture back into place and I will be able to snap some pics of our new floors!

There is a bit of a ‘tag, you’re it’ game going on throughout the blogosphere. It is basically a FUN way of sharing with your readers more about yourself and introducing them to a few new bloggers.

Amy from Home Happy Home was kind enough to invite me to participate. She spotlighted my blog and answered the same questions that I will answer below here.

I will share more about Amy and introduce you to 3 more blogs (that I love) after I answer some ‘getting to know you’ questions.


My Q&A

Question #1- What am I working on right now?

Right now my prioritized task is installing baseboards. When you put in new flooring whether it is vinyl, hardwood, or carpet you have a choice whether to take off your baseboards and have the new flooring run all the way to the wall or leave the baseboards intact and just run the flooring to the baseboard. Professionals always advise taking off the baseboards because they think it grants the best looking result.

We decided to take off the baseboards in our recent installation of engineered hardwood flooring. I wasn’t sure when we took it off if I was going reinstall the same one back on or purchase new ones. Our baseboards are very basic, pretty little, and have been abused over the years. I’ve always dreamed of having beautiful baseboards like the example below.


I seriously considered the exaggerated baseboard method with our original basic baseboards BUT when a few of the baseboards got damaged in the demo process we decided that completely new baseboards were in order.

I ended up finding a pre-primed 12ft. 5 1/2 inch tall baseboard option at Lowes for $12.47. That’s only $1.04 a square foot! It’s very basic but hey it’s a 5 1/2 inch tall baseboard!! I’m pretty excited and have already installed 24 ft. of it is our living room. Now about 144 square feet of it to go!

To be honest it’s a bit of a tedious job but it is saving money for me to DIY it and it’s definitely doable little by little.

Plus, I’m motivated to get it done because the next project on my list is much more exciting. I already started it before we put the floor in because I just couldn’t wait. Think DIY stair runner with these IKEA rugs. Can’t wait!

via Ikea

Question#2- Why do I write/create what I do?

Let’s first start with why I create what I do. Over the years I’ve have realized something about myself. I am very affected by my surroundings. When I am in spaces that are light and airy and somewhat orderly I feel calm and strengthened. In contrast when I am in spaces that are dark and with no cohesive design or order over time I feel like I can’t relax and feel pulled down.

I realize that not everyone is as affected aesthetically by their surroundings (my husband admittedly being one of them). But knowing this about myself and since I spend a lot of time in my home has given me the drive to create a beautiful home–one where I and I hope others can feel edified and buoyed up.

Which leads me to why I write? It is through blogs that I first learned that I could actually do something about the unattractive features and items in my home. The first time I began reading DIY blogs I was blown away! What??? I can actually upgrade all our dated oak furniture and cabinets without buying new ones?

These bloggers shared step by step instructions on how to make homely furniture gorgeous and much much more. Through them I learned how to paint furniture, do woodwork, and make my own décor. I felt so empowered each time I accomplished an update no matter how big or small it was. And through this process the more joy I felt being in my home.

So why do I write? I write with hopes to inspire and teach others confidence and skills to creating a home they love! I see it as a gift given to me through other bloggers and a gift I hope to now pass on to others (you)!


Question #3- How does my work differ from other others of its genre?

I think each blogger has a personal style that is unique to them. Just like there is no one individual that is just like the other. One important aspect of my work is my devotion to getting ‘the look’ for less. A lot less!

I have never been in a financial position to go out and buy the things that I like at full price. More often than not even sale prices are still too expensive for me. I may share inspiring pictures of beautifully (and expensively) decorated homes but I am always conjuring up ideas of how to make that look achievable to anyone on any budget. Which leads to the next question.


Question #4- How does your writing/creating process work?

Because I’m a writing newbie I can’t quite say I have a writing process yet. I’m still figuring this one out. However, my creating process often goes like this–I see something I like whether it’s a specific piece of décor or a photo of a room, I study it intently, I decide what it is I like about it (is it the color(s), the shape, the feeling) and I think up ways to recreate what I like about it (on a budget of course).

I have always been one who naturally thinks ‘outside the box’. It hasn’t always been a very helpful trait to me as you can imagine. However, when it comes to ‘creating beauty on a budget’ it is essential. When I see a wire waste basket on clearance I think of using it for the new lighting needed in the boys’ bedroom. When pondering long white flowing window treatments for the living room I use white flat bed sheets.

If shopping at garage sales or thrift stores I’m always looking at items in terms of what they could look like (with a little paint or diy magic) rather than what they are.

What are some of my favorite sources of design inspiration to start the creative process that inspires me? Houzz.com, Ballard Designs catalogs, Pottery barn catalogs, and Blogs.

Can you ever have enough blogs? No, I don’t think so. Each has their own style and treasures to share.


Here are 3 wonderful blogs (and talented bloggers )I want to share with you today.


First up is, Jennifer, from Decorating Delirium.

I found Jennifer through reading a comment she made on another blog. It was thoughtful and articulate and she is just that and more. She shares a passion for Interior Design and decorating and is often where I go to for reading about the latest and greatest.

It was from one of her posts that I became aware of the much less expensive and more accessible Americana chalk paint and from her Mother’s Day Gift Guide that I was inspired to DIY Gold Chevron Glassware.


She is also an avid DIY-er. I adore the pom pom trim she added to her daughter’s drapes (Tutorial found here)

Pom Pom Drapes 4

blog tour

and her super chic style!

Blog tour2


Next up is, Val, from Home Made Modern

I first learned about Val’s blog when she featured one of my DIY paintings in her 7 Subtle Coastal Projects Post. I was immediately intrigued when I read the subtitle of her blog which states “Home Made Modern- Where Domestic Isn’t a Dirty Word.”

She shares how to be domestic in our world today and does a great job at it! Her blog has everything– DIY, Crafts, and Mouth Watering Recipes like these.

vis Home Made Modern

And look how ingenious this craft is made mostly from her Hubby’s old shirts


And last up (but not least) is, Tracy, from Right up My Alley

I was ‘introduced’ to Tracy when she was paired up with one of my favorite bloggers, Kate, from Centsational Girl in the East Coast Creative’s Creating with the Stars Contest. They did a fabulous job and I was so impressed with Tracy’s ability to decorate with color. She has a gift for it!

It was from Tracy that I got the accent wall color inspiration for my boys’ room. It is SW Dovetail and looks oh so lovely in her Library/Music Room.

and check out a great Board and Batten Tutorial she and her husband did in their dining room Here.


I hope you enjoyed this blog tour and get a chance to visit these great blogs! If you want to see who they ‘tag’ make sure to revisit them for their Blog Tours which are scheduled for Next Monday, August 25th!:-)


And again thanks to, Amy, from Home Happy Home for inviting me to play.:-) You can check out this gorgeous stenciled wall gallery she created over at her blog! 🙂


Hope you have a great day!

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