So a few weeks ago when I posted this tutorial about how to DIY the butterfly wall art below I mentioned in passing that my daughter also has drapes that boast the butterfly detail.

bunnyhas a friend


These drapes were not always so fun and fluttery, they were originally plain old white drapes.  I had the idea to attach white butterflies to them and wouldn’t you know that I secured a pack of 12 whimsical white butterflies at a garage sale for only 5o cents.  The sellers had bought them to use for their daughter’s wedding décor and had the pack of 12 left over.


This DIY was super easy!  All it requires is a pair of drapes, some butterflies, and a hot glue gun.

butterfly drapes


The drapes were already happily hanging up and I was too lazy to take them down sooo I made sure to plug the hot glue gun in the outlet located right next to the drapes.  Once it got hot I applied the hot glue to the back middle part of the butterfly and quickly pressed the butterfly into the drapes where I wanted it to be.


I had 6 butterflies to use for each panel and this is how I placed them.

diy home decor project drapes


I decided to have more butterflies hanging out on the top portion of the panels just in case my then 2 year old determined to pick at or de-wing any vulnerable low lying ones.  I’m happy to report all butterflies are properly intact and have not been harmed in any way!


Since it is unlikely that you will run across decorative butterflies at your next garage sale adventure I’ve collected a few inexpensive options (none of which I have any affiliation with).


 24 White Organza Nylon Wire Butterfly Wedding Arts and Crafts Decorations 2" Big





And if you are in need of some super inexpensive drapes to do this with you could try the DIY ones mentioned in this post.  Or Ikea sells a white pair that you can buy online for only $3.99 a pair!

butterfly drapes

(gotta love the blinds shadow coming through the drapes in this pic)

I’m really tempted to make some kind of corny parallel that with the addition of this detail the plain old drapes will turn into uniquely beautiful drapes just like a caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly, but I’ll resist, this time.:-)  Have a great day!

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