Recently as I was perusing Hobby Lobby I was making my usual visit to their home décor fabrics aisle to lust after fabric (yes, I have a fabric lusting problem). As I was peeling myself away from my favorite aisle I noticed in the next aisle over they were displaying a new product. The cute patterns of this product is actually what caught my eye and then the price held me there!


Hobby Lobby is now selling an assortment of cute, inexpensive pillow covers. Most of the sizes are 18 x 18 and 16 x 16  but they do have some other sizes as well. The price is right, ranging around $6.99-$7.99 per pillow cover. But, with a 40% off coupon that you can get off their website you could change out the looks of your pillows for only $4-$5. Not bad at all! Here are some of my favorite designs.



$5 for a new cute pillow cover is a great deal.  In most cases it’s even less expensive then making one!  If you don’t already have a pillow to use as the insert you can buy an insert at most fabric stores for around $5.  I have usually picked up pillows to use as inserts at garage sales or thrift stores for $1-$3 a piece.

As you may remember I have been deciding on paint colors for my bathroom makeover.  Today I plan to go out and purchase the paint I’ve chosen (you will have to wait to find out what it is but a hint is that it is not any of the colors I had originally considered).  It is always annoying to me to have to spend $30 on a gallon or even $15 on a 1/2 gallon when I am only painting a small space.  When painting a small bathroom or space I have learned to go to Sherwin Williams and buy the paint color I want there in their sample size.



Their sample size is a quart and only costs $5 and is enough to do a small bathroom.  They only sell their samples in a satin finish which has worked just fine for the areas I’ve needed it for.   So next time you are painting a small space, do so for only $5!


The last $5 décor deal I have to share with you today has to do with saving money on drapes!  The compliment I get most on my family room is my white drapes!


Family Room for Blog_edited-1


I love telling them that I got them for $5.  They are always surprised and I go on to share my secret which is that Walmart Mainstay flat sheets work really well as drapes.  I have used them in the family room as well as in my bedroom.




As well as in my boy’s room (I bought two navy sheets and a red one and made their Pottery Barn Kids knockoff drapes for a total of $15)




And I am already getting the itch to redecorate my sons’ room.  I am mad for plaid in a boys room and have been on the look out for plaid fabrics in the colors of blue gray and brown.  I was happily surprised to see this sheet set at Walmart for only $5.




I bought 2 and will use the fitted sheet and pillowcases for their beds and the flat sheets as new drapes.  I will be changing up quite a bit and their room over the next few months and this was a good first step purchase!


So, do you have any $5 décor tips?   If so, I would love to hear them!:-)


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